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Volume 8 Number 06, April 11
National Volunteer Week

We want to thank all the volunteers and donors who supported our programs over the last year and who made the work we do possible.


CCA is proud to have Canadian co-operators from all over Canada choosing to give their time, passion and expertise.  Our overseas partners have been clear - they value the work that Canadian technical co-operants bring to the table:


"It is widely recognized by partners that CCA brings invaluable expertise in co-operative development and the use of volunteers is especially helpful and effective in projects."  (Taken from the 2014 CCA partnership evaluation) 


Across the board, our volunteers are living the co-operative values, helping co-ops to help communities. Last year we undertook an evaluation of our volunteers and it became clear that the benefit this kind of work gives to volunteers, their peers and their communities is impressive. 


Check out the evaluation with more facts about volunteers here


This week, for National Volunteer Week, we salute the dedication of these co-operative leaders.  At home and around the world - you are on the front line's of building a better world.

We say thank you!


We wanted to thank as many of our volunteers and donors as possible this week so we did a bit of a phone blitz in our office...and here's a glimpse of what it looked like.


Play Volunteer Thank You


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