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Volume 7 Number 10, December 20, 2013
A look back at 2013
While most of us look forward to some much deserved rest in the coming weeks, the work being done around the world to end poverty and improve lives doesn't stop for the holidays. CCA wants to acknowledge all of our volunteers, donors and supporters for making all of this work possible and helping to build a better world.  We look forward to collaborating with many of you again in 2014.
Take a minute to check out the inspiring numbers below and 'flick' through our 2013 photo album.  From everyone at CCA, we wish all a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.  
2013 CCA ID Photo Album
Some numbers to be proud of!


CCA worked in 16 countries on 24 projects in 2013.


Over 100 volunteers donated their time to CCA this year. With activities ranging from presentations, coaching in Africa, internships, sitting on boards to traveling overseas to project sites, every volunteer adds value to our work.


1st; CCA started working in Ethiopia on a climate resilience project and also signed an MOU with Myanmar, two countries we have not worked with before.  Women from Swaziland and Myanmar attended this year's Women's Mentorship Program for the first time.


Over $19,000 raised in 5 CDF auctions, 3 of which were generously supported by Federated Co-ops Limited.


Over $140,000 raised for the CDF Philippines Relief Fund.


11 women from 6 countries attended the Women's Mentorship Program in May.  176 women from 18 countries have now attended this program.


12 interns were sent to 7 countries as part of CCA's internship program.


And so much more...For more information on CCA's international development programs and how you can be involved visit our website www.coopscanada.coop/id

or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

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