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Lucy Bamforth
It's Bamforth, Lucy Bamforth. 
A wannabe spy, lover of wakyee and this month's volunteer profile. 
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CCA is now recruiting for the 2013-2014 International Internship Program. Application deadline: May 24, 2013.
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Volume 7 number 4, April 22 2013
I volunteer because...?
Find out what some past and present volunteers told us motivates them.
CCA 2013 Africa coaching mission
Passion. Action. Impact.
Are YOU making a difference? 

National Volunteer Week (April 21 -27), celebrating it's 71st year, is all about recognizing the contribution that volunteers make across Canada and around the world.  This year's theme is; Passion. Action. Impact. We know CCA's volunteers have a passion to be involved, you take action to support our cause and you definitely make an impact and for these reasons we want to thank you all.


CCA is, more than ever, engaging our co-operative sector as a smart, strategic resource that enhances our work and helps us to strengthen partnerships both across Canada and around the world.  The results are astounding, with more than 2000 volunteer days - almost five and a half years worth of co-operative time donated this year!  Here at CCA we are dedicated to ensuring not only that volunteers receive the best orientation possible, but that their skills and knowledge are acknowledged in a meaningful way. 

Wdon't just want to celebrate our volunteers  -

we aim to prove that they are making a difference at home.  We are excited to be launching a research project that will look at the effect that volunteering with CCA has had on co-ops and credit unions across Canada.  Volunteering with CCA isn't just about co-operating amongst co-operatives.
It's also about building stronger co-operators at home. 


If you are interested in getting involved with CCA's volunteer program, please contact Sarah Feldberg at 1-866-266-7677 x214 or sarah.feldberg@coopscanada.coop.
This publication is undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through theCanadian International Development Agency (CIDA).  
Cette publication est réalisée avec l'appui financier du gouvernement du Canada accordé par l'entremise de l'Agence canadienne de développement international (ACDI).