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Volume 7 Number 3, March 13, 2013


Celebrating International Women

Every year  since 2002, a nervous group of women from Africa and Asia have arrived in Ottawa to participate in CCA's Women's Mentorship Program.  A month later, when the women leave for home,  observers report a remarkable transformation.  They head home brimming with confidence and innovations that they are keen to implement.  As international women's day is still so fresh in our minds, it seems an appropriate time to shine a spotlight on CCA's flagship program for women.  

  • Over 10 years, there have been 12 mentorship groups totaling 165 women from 18 countries. 
  • 170 credit unions in 9 provinces have served as field placement host organizations
  • 80 per cent of graduates are still employed in the credit union systems of their home countries.
  • More than 97 per cent of program alumnae report that the program resulted in greater self confidence.
  • Alumnae have implemented 450 innovations in their credit unions as a result of the training they received in Canada. 
  • More than  one-quarter of alumnae surveyed say they have been promoted, more than 90 per cent say they have greater decision-making authority within their credit unions, and  three quarters are actively mentoring other women and girls in their communities.
  • Collectively, the Credit unions where graduates work  have recorded increased membership, improved  liquidity and profitability, reduced delinquency, more professional operations, and new branches opened. 

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