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Volume 7 Number 2, February 4, 2013


It's International Development Week in Canada
Each year at this time the Canadian International Development Agency, invites Canadians to celebrate the things we are doing to build a better world. Welcome to the 23rd International Development Week (IDW)!  

International Dispatch is lending a hand to this effort, asking you to take a moment to think about and share with others the interesting ways you reach out to those in need beyond our borders. Large acts or small, alone or with others, we want to hear from you.

We have also included a slideshow to show how some of our volunteers are making a difference around the world. They return home with amazing stories of how people are transforming communities through their co-operative enterprises.  So watch the slideshow, get inspired and enter the contest, it's just a click away!  
Congratulations to our first winner, Margaret Banas from Brantford, Ontario!!
Margaret Banas
How Margaret is making a difference...
"My name is Margaret Banas and I am currently an intern with an organization called A Rocha in Kumasi Ghana. I have been working with A Rocha on projects pertaining to sustainable resource management. Example: we have been introducing alternative livelihoods to villages around Lake Bosumtwe that support environmental conservation."

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Discover how Murray Hidelbaugh is making a difference.  Check out this month's volunteer profile.


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