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Volume 7 Number 1, January 16, 2013


Sharing the promise of peace. Easy as 1,2,3.
1. As we make the shift from the International Year of Co-operatives to the International Decade of Co-operatives - named so by the International Co-operative Alliance - we are reminded of the important roles co-operatives are playing to engender peace around the globe.  International Disptach takes you to Sri Lanka where co-operatives are helping to level the playing field for those less ready to thrive now that the guns have been silenced.  Take a three minute train trip across this tiny nation as it heals from a decades-long civil war.


2. Click on the links to learn how co-operatives of all stripes are helping their communities during situations of conflict and strife.


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Jan 17 - Feb 8

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Promise of Peace 

Co-ops building peace. 

Click on the photos to read more on how co-ops are helping to build peace.   


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