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Chestnut Hill, MA (July 30, 2013) 


The Center for Families at Purdue University and the Boston College Center for Work & Family are delighted to announce the finalists for the 2013 Rosabeth Moss Kanter Awards for Excellence in Work-Family Research. The winner of this prestigious award will be selected by academic and corporate reviewers and will be recognized at the Boston College National Workforce Roundtable Meeting October 2-4, 2013 in Boston, MA.


Named in honor of Rosabeth Moss Kanter, who has been identified as the most influential contributor to modern literature on work and family, the Kanter Award is given for the best research paper published during the year. The finalist articles were selected through a vigorous process involving nomination and review by a committee of over 60 leading scholars. This year, seven finalists were selected from over 2500 articles published in 2012 in 77 leading English-language journals from around the world. The finalists for the 2013 award are:

  • Anja-Kristin Abendroth, Tanja van der Lippe, & Ineke Maas,  "Social support and the working hours of employed mothers in Europe: The relevance of the state, the workplace, and the family" Social Science Research
  • Jillian Crocker & Dan Clawson, "Buying time: Gendered patterns in union contracts" Social Problems
  • Paul Glavin  & Scott Schieman, "Work-Family role blurring and work-family conflict: The moderating influence of job resources and job demands"  Work and Occupations
  • Alison Konrad & Yang Yang , "Is using work-life interface benefits a career-limiting move? An examination of women, men, lone parents, and parents with partners"  Journal of Organizational Behavior
  • Erin Kramer Holmes, Jenet Jacob Erickson, & E. Jeffrey Hill , "Doing what she thinks is best: Maternal psychological wellbeing and attaining desired work situations" Human Relations
  • Lisa Leslie, Colleen Manchester, Tae-Youn Park, & Si Ahn Mehng , "Flexible work practices: A source of career premiums or penalties?" Academy of Management Journal
  • Pavla Miller, "Do Australian teenagers work? Why we should care" Feminist Economics


We congratulate all of the nominees for their excellent contributions to the work-life literature and look forward to honoring the winner in October!

The Center for Families at Purdue University and the Boston College Center for Work & Family developed the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award to raise the awareness of high quality work-family research among the scholar, consultant and practitioner communities.  Through the generous sponsorship of the Corporate Partners of the Boston College Center for Work & Family, the standards of quality for work-family research will continue to rise, and actionable findings from the best studies will become more commonplace in business communities to inform policy and best people practices. 

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