December 11, 2014 - In This Issue:
Anna Wilds, Certified Franchise Executive Candidate

Anna completed all the requirements for the franchise industry's only credential, the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) designation, which only 1,000 franchise professionals hold worldwide.  

Anna with her fellow classmates at Georgetown University


Her studies included courses on Franchise Management and the future of franchising at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.   

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Feature Concept: Semi-absentee

This week's Feature Concept is a semi-absentee business:
  • Keep your job and build your portfolio
  • Takes as little as $50K out of pocket
  • Only 5-15 hours of family oversight per week
  • Proven over decades of success
  • Ultra predictable unit economics
  • Average owner grows 6 units,some are over 50
  • Predictable ramp up time frames
  • Mega Sized Franchise Brand
  • Very recession resistant
  • Huge support infrastructure
  • Previously closed territory now open!
  • Build a safety net or transition plan

Franchise businesses are not just about replacing traditional employment; they can be a perfect way to supplement income or build equity in an asset, and create long-term security.  

Success Story
Globe Trotter Enjoys Family Dinners at Home Now

By 2010, Drayton Mayers had lived and worked in more than 90 countries. He traveled at least once a month, spending a week to 10 days away from his family at a time. His job would go non-stop for 16 hours a day, six days a week at times.


"I missed more anniversaries, birthdays, recitals, soccer games, holidays, skinned knees, you name it ... I missed it," Mayers said.


  He knew it was time for a change.


"I was looking for a business opportunity. First, I looked at consultancy, but then I'd be jumping on an airplane again. I didn't want that. I considered moving from my home in Memphis, Tenn., for more opportunities, but that wasn't a desired outcome either. Then, I found Anna through my career coach at the outplacement firm my company provided."


After a rigorous franchise discovery process, Mayers, a textile industry veteran, was awarded an IT services franchise.


"This may surprise people since Mayers does not have a technology background," said Wilds. "His role as the business owner is to network with other business owners who have a need to outsource their technology services. Since Drayton is a natural networker and is so relationship-oriented, this is a natural and enjoyable way for him to spend his work days."


What once was a career filled with long hours and constant travel has become the life that Mayers always wanted. He has breakfast with the family, is home in time for dinner and spends his evenings with his children.


"I just had faith in Anna and the process she took me through and I'm so pleased," Mayers said. "I recommend her to other C-Suite executives considering a business."


Are you a C-level executive in career transition? Explore your entrepreneurship options here.


Season's Greetings

Dear (Contact First Name),
Are you still trying to figure out the perfect gift this holiday season?  We have an idea for you and your family.


You, the real you.... The you that at some point in your past you parked in a corner so you could take that secure corporate job that was on the path to high income, great benefits and the prospect of a nice retirement sometime after your 65th birthday.


Give your family you!


Does your family find true enjoyment in you working long hours, being a road warrior, coming home stressed, answering emails, phone calls, voice mails when you are with them?  Is there even the slightest chance that your grown kids will someday look at you and say, "Dad/Mom, I wish you had worked more?"


The rules have changed.


Today the corporate job that was supposed to be the safe and secure path to a happy retirement is often a momentary stopover until the next gig. Employees tend to be pawns on a chessboard that are disposed of to hit earnings expectations or maintain stock price.  Many employers don't worry about employee satisfaction because there is a robust pool of people eager to work.


December is one of the most likely months for corporate downsizings.


That's the bad news. But there is good news.


As the good faith contract between employee and employer of 20 years ago has largely evaporated, the perceived wall between being an employee and being a business owner has disappeared completely.


If you would be a good hire for a corporate job, how could you possibly be a bad investment for yourself?


Corporate America has removed the biggest reason that most people stay at a company for their entire career. Without job security, benefits and quality of life, we see jobs losing their hold on professionals. The best and brightest in corporate America are among my clients every single day, and you could be next!


You already have the skills to be your own boss.


The only thing that separates an employee from an entrepreneur is the desire to be a business owner. If you have the desire, we're here to help you find the right business for you come 2015. 


Yours in franchising,    


Anna Wilds 

Certified Franchise Executive Candidate                       

Sr. Franchise Consultant 

Honor Roll Franchise Consultant

(706) 736-0579

Who wants to make the change from employee to entrepreneur in 2015?
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