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Happy April, Happy spring to all!    
Spring is here, and we made it through another New England winter.  Do you think we lucked out with the mild weather this year due to the really tough winter we had last year? Whatever the reason, we appreciate the change of seasons and this one is so worth it. I love the flowers, the sound of the birds outside my window and of course, wearing fewer layers of clothing when going outdoors. What do you appreciate about this season     

This month we will have an update from the volunteer manager and spotlight a very special JFS volunteer who has extraordinary talent in music and poetry that he shares with others and has been with JFS for 10 years!

Make a difference, VOLUNTEER!  Recommend a friend too!
Volunteer Spotlight
Name:  Boris Zverev                                         
Occupation:  Financial Analyst at a technology company         
Time with JFS:  Since May 2006 
Volunteer Position: Poetry Teacher

Boris makes an unusually wonderful contribution to a JFS program. He reads Russian poetry to a group of Russian immigrants who love to listen to it. The people who come to the "club" like choosing the type of poetry that is read and enjoy discussing the meaning of the poems for further enrichment. Many people travel long distances to his poetry readings. Boris explains that good quality poetry can cleanse the soul and spirit in this world of fast food and fast everything else.

Boris has had a long history of connecting with JFS. This organization assisted his parents in obtaining citizenship and helped to resettle his wife's parents. His son, Anton, has participated in many talent shows for the Youth Enrichment Program. In his spare time, Boris likes to be active by playing sports like tennis. He also plays guitar, writes poems, and composes songs. 
Boris has published a book of poems and a CD of his music. If you are interested in finding out more about this talented man, here is his web address:  
Thank you Boris for all that you have done for 10 years for this organization. How wonderful to have a volunteer with so much talent that you enthusiastically share with others. We are truly fortunate that you have selflessly dedicated yourself to enriching the lives of others.  
Volunteer Manager Update

I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that on April 8th I will be saying goodbye to JFS as my family is relocating to Asheville, North Carolina. For a while I will continue to support the volunteer program (and other program areas) remotely from the mountains of NC so hopefully this won't be the last time you hear from me! It has been such a pleasure to work with and get to know each and every one of you. I am in awe every day of your commitment to JFS and the people we serve. It is truly the dedication of volunteers like yourselves that allow us to stand up for those left behind in the community. From stuffing envelopes to visiting elders and everything in between, you are impacting and changing the lives of those in our community. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything and please feel free to say hi if you're ever visiting North Carolina! For now you can still get in touch with me via my JFS e-mail, sroth@jfsmw.org, but you can also reach me on my personal e-mail, sroth3@gmail.com. It has been a wonderful few years, serving YOU!
March Hours & T-Shirts
JFS volunteers have spent 363 hours helping others in the Metrowest community during the month of March! Thank you to all of our volunteers for
spending time and dedicating yourself to benefit of others. 

Thanks for Your Helping Hands!
Our clients thank you and we appreciate you for standing up for those in need!
Once you've reached 20 hours of service you are eligible for a t-shirt. Those that reached that mark are:
  • Nancy Dlott
  • Aline Falleiros
CongratulationsPlease let us know how you'd like to collect your t-shirt!

Please remember this is based on the number of hours recorded in our system. If you volunteer for programs other than Wilson or Patient Navigator the system does not auto calculate your hours. If you don't know how to log your hours of service, let us know and we'll help you!
Happy Passover!

The first Seder is April 22nd, happy holiday! To learn more about this holiday, click here!

April is National Poetry Month  
National Poetry Month is the largest literary celebration in the world according to the Academy of American Poets. It was founded in April 1996 inspired by the successful celebrations of Black History Month in February and Women's History Month in March.  

This special celebration hopes to:
  • Highlight the legacy and ongoing achievements of American Poets
  • Encourage the reading of poems
  • Assist teachers in bringing poetry into the classroom
  • Increase interest in poetry to the general public through media
  • Encourage support for poets and poetry
  • Increase publication and distribution of poetry   

There are many ways that you can help achieve some of these goals. As an example, why not come to JFS when Boris, our Volunteer of the Month, reads poetry. Check with JFS for the next poetry reading.

Program Spotlight
Ready for Success
Accelerating Mid/Late Career Workforce Re-entry for Individuals in the Metrowest Jewish Community

An exciting project developed by JFS and JVS to support individuals who are long-term unemployed or under-employed in mid/late career. Customized job development and job search services can help with employment goals and cross the employment finish line! Click here to learn more!
Upcoming Opportunities
JFS has many ongoing programs and opportunities. Here are a few available right now!
  • Communication Specialist:

How are your writing skills?  
Do you consider yourself to be creative?
Are you a person who supports positive ideas?
Do you like to write about people, activities and successes?

Here's your opportunity to write a monthly newsletter communicating with the many wonderful JFS volunteers. 

Volunteer your time on a very flexible schedule and utilize your skills to help a great organization.
  • Patient Navigator: Accompany older adults to their medical appointments and help facilitate communication with the doctor. Upcoming training on May 24th. 

You can visit our website to learn more. To learn more or sign up for any of these opportunities, please contact Sarah Roth, sroth@jfsmw.org, 508-875-3100 x320.

We are JFS!
Happy April!
Sarah Roth, MSW
Manager, Youth, Immigrant
& Volunteer Services
508-875-3100 x320
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