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Happy New Year!

The holidays are over and everyone looks forward to what the new year will bring. Some of us have eaten way too much and vow to work harder at so many things, including exercising, dieting, and making other new resolutions that we may break. We may not follow through, but at least we try. It's a time of assessment when we think long and hard about the things we did and those we wish to do in the future. Some of us procrastinate, some of us are enthusiastic, but at least we look back and then look forward and try. It's an important time of the year.

Maybe we will think of good ways to spend our "free time." JFS has so many great programs to get involved in. Why not volunteer as a patient navigator or a mentor? The people who receive this assistance rave about the help they get. You could be a part of their success!        

This month we will spotlight our communications volunteer, winter driving tips, and read about the importance of blood donors, for the winter months in particular. How about a recipe for Cheesy Tomato Soup? Read below for an easy way to warm you on a cold winter day. 

Make a difference, VOLUNTEER!  Recommend a friend too!
Volunteer Spotlight
Name: Barbara Sands                                        
Occupation: Former Elementary Teacher and HR Director           
Time with JFS: 1 year
Volunteer Position: Volunteer Communications Specialist
Barbara most recently retired as the HR Director at Crossroads School for children with autism which she says prepared her for "retirement with a purpose." She wanted to spend time volunteering for a nonprofit which focused on helping those in need in her local community. She wasn't sure what part of JFS she wanted to volunteer with, so in order to learn more about all of the programs, she signed on to work on the monthly volunteer newsletter. When asked what she likes about writing the newsletter she said, "I like to inform people about the ways that an organization like JFS can help people." She also likes to include interesting facts and awareness of health issues, providing her enjoyment as a former educator. In her spare time she likes to be with family, especially her four grandchildren, traveling, reading, listening to music and taking classes.
Thank you Barbara for all that you have done with the volunteer newsletter. You have truly done a phenomenal job communicating both pertinent JFS news and fun facts to our community of volunteers. The volunteer program is lucky to have your commitment and creative thinking!
Winter Driving
Driving is such a big part of everyday life and your volunteering experience with JFS. We want to make sure that everyone stays safe this winter. If it's anything like last winter, there will be plenty of days to stay alert and drive safe. Please take a moment to review the videos below so you can stay smart this winter!

Tips for Safe Winter Driving

How to Prep for Winter Driving

Winter Driving Safety
December Hours & T-Shirts
Despite the busy time during the holidays, JFS volunteers have spent 321 hours helping others in the Metrowest community during the month of December. 

Our clients thank you and we appreciate you for standing up for those in need!
Once you've reached 20 hours of service you are eligible for a t-shirt. Lots of people reached that benchmark this month, they are:
  • Susan Brady
  • Eva Bruklich
  • Sophie Cue
  • Ann Daitch
  • Sophie Hunter
  • Liv Keefe
  • Valerie Kennan
  • Lizzy Knyazhitsky
  • Anna Rubin
  • Alicia Tzau
CongratulationsPlease let us know how you'd like to collect your t-shirt!

Please remember this is based on the number of hours recorded in our system. If you volunteer for programs other than Wilson or Patient Navigator the system does not auto calculate your hours. If you don't know how to log your hours of service, let us know and we'll help you!
January is National Blood Donor Month
As the winter months set in across much of the country, the Red Cross thanks donors for their support and asks the public to please remember how important their lifesaving contribution of blood and blood platelet donors can be, especially at this time of the year. Since January of 1970, the National Blood Donor Month has been observed. The goal is to increase blood and blood platelet donations during the winter months when the weather and illnesses can pose a problem for the donors who generally donate.

Platelets are a key clotting part of blood that may be needed specifically by cancer patients, bone marrow recipients and others. Whole blood has a shelf life of 42 days but the platelets must be utilized within 5 days of donation. The supply of platelets must be on hand for so many who require it.

Blood can be donated every 56 days. Here are a few facts about donation from the Red Cross:
  • Platelets can be donated every 7 days, up to 24 times a year
  • You must be 17 years of age to donate (16 with parental consent in some states)
  • You must weigh at least 110 pounds and are generally in good health to donate
  • The are additional height and weight requirements for some donors, check with the Red Cross for requirements
  • Call 1-800-733 2767 for the Red Cross for more information such as location and time for donations  shot_preparation.jpg
  Blood Donors Needed Now   Thank you!

Thank you for enhancing the lives of individuals and families in the Metrowest community. 

Happy New Year!
January is also National Soup Month
What's your favorite soup recipe?
Here's mine........thanks, Marcia!

2 (28 oz.) cans, peeled whole tomatoes
5 cups chicken or vegetable broth
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
1 (6 oz.) can tomato paste
1 Tbs dried parsley
1 tsp dried basil leaves
2 Tbs sugar

  1. Dice tomatoes (reserve liquid) pour into medium pan
  2. Stir in broth, cheese, tomato paste & spices
  3. Simmer broth low heat @ 30 minutes stirring frequently until cheese is melted
Serve with garlic bread and a salad! 
Program Spotlight
Second Chance for Success

A new program at JFS, Second Chance for Success works with immigrants 55 and up who are ready for another chance at the job market. Individuals who are mid-career receive a unique opportunity for assistance with preparation, job finding, and placement. Clients receive both employment
 support from Employment and Training Resource Center and case management from JFS. 

Who is eligible? Immigrants, 55 and up, who speak English and authorized to work in the U.S. If you know anyone who might be interested, please contact Malvina at 508-875-3100 x310 or mgoldfarb@jfsmw.org.  

Upcoming Opportunities
JFS has many ongoing programs and opportunities. Here are a few available right now! 
  • Patient Navigator: Accompany older adults to their medical appointments and help facilitate communication with the doctor.
  • Math Academy Mentor: Support 4th graders in academic achievement and social skill development. Be a positive role model!
You can visit our website to learn more.
To learn more or sign up for any of these opportunities, please contact Sarah Roth, sroth@jfsmw.org, 508-875-3100 x320.
We are JFS!
Happy January, Happy New Year!
Sarah Roth, MSW
Manager, Youth, Immigrant
& Volunteer Services
508-875-3100 x320
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Adoption Choices
Since 1982, Adoption Choices has been helping build families in Massachusetts.

JFS Elder Care Solutions
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Learn about these and other JFS programs by visiting our website.
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