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 March 2014

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March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month...a great opportunity to promote the inclusion and respect for all individuals. One way to celebrate and honor this month is to take part in the "Spread the Word to End the R Word" campaign. Please see below for information.


This campaign is also highlighted in the March newsletter. Click here to read more.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Monica: 360-715-0170, ext. 303 or

The Arc of Whatcom Team



Language affects attitude. Attitudes affect actions.


Spread the Word to End the Word is an ongoing effort by Special Olympics, Best Buddies International and supporters to raise the consciousness of society about the dehumanizing and hurtful effects of the word "retard(ed)" and encourage people to pledge to stop using the R-word.


The campaign, created by youth, is intended to engage schools , organizations, and communities to rally and pledge their support. Most activities are centered annually on the first Wednesday of March (March 5th), but people everywhere can help Spread the Word throughout their communities and schools year-round through pledge drives, youth rallies and online activation.


Respectful and inclusive language is essential to the movement for the dignity and humanity of people with intellectual disabilities. However, much of society does not recognize the hurtful, dehumanizing and exclusive effects of the word "retard(ed)."

It is time to address the minority slur "retard" and raise the consciousness of society to its hurtful effects


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To honor DD Awareness Month, The Arc is kicking off a campaign on March 1 to end the R-word in Whatcom County. With your help, we hope to reach students at local schools, the community at public events and others via social media. It's as simple as setting up a laptop or tablet to encourage people to sign the pledge page and/or create a banner for people to sign.


How will you help end the R-word?

(All of these only take a few hours or less!)

  • Help host a table at a local grocery store to collect pledges.
  • Promote DD Awareness Month on Facebook and collect 100 pledges.
  • Host a pledge drive at your workplace or church.
  • Help with a pledge drive at a school.
  • Donate $100 to help fund this initiative.
  • Email your family and friends and collect 50 pledges.

Please choose one of the above ways you can help and contact Amy: 715-0170, ext 309, (NOTE: We can help organize the event/s and provide all the materials needed.)




Monday, March 10

5:30pm - 7:30pm

St Lukes Health Education Center

3333 Squalicum Parkway


Presented by the Whatcom County Health Department, this free workshop is designed for families and caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities.


Topics to include benefits and why you should apply, basic differences between disability benefits, how employment can work with benefits, work incentives and other resources, common pitfalls, reporting and other requirements.


About the presenter: Susan Harrell is with the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (W.I.S.E.) and has worked with and on behalf of people with disabilities since 1985. Susan specializes in Social Security and Medical Benefits; Work Incentives; Individual Resource Development; Person-Centered Planning; and Policies and Regulations Related to the Self-Sufficiency of Individuals with Disabilities.


RSVP is requested. Please contact Vicki: or (360) 676-6724 ext. 32014.


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