An AGI Haiti trainee uses heavy machinery.

Project Highlights

In Haiti, the AGI is providing technical training and soft-skills development to vulnerable young women (17-21 years old) who are largely under-represented in formal labor markets. Girls are being trained in demand-driven fields that are traditionally closed to women, including masonry, electricity, heavy machinery, plumbing and carpentry. A new project video depicts the impact the AGI is having on young women's lives, and describes how the project is helping to counteract gender stereotypes within the Haitian labor market.
Watch the video.

 An AGI Rwanda graduate receives her certificate from Carolyn Turk, World Bank Country Manager for Rwanda.


In Rwanda, the first cohort of 550 young women graduated from the Rwanda AGI. The graduation ceremony was special in that most of the young women had never graduated from anything in their lives. The girls looked bright and hopeful--believing they now have more life choices, opportunities and possibilities. The project is giving vulnerable young women a second chance by providing them with a safe space to learn technical, business and life skills as well as to receive psycho-social support, mentoring and links to credit. More importantly, the AGI is their gateway to a world of employment, self-reliance and dignity. Read more about the AGI in Rwanda.


 An AGI Rwanda graduate works at Gahaya Links, a private company in Kigali. 

The World Bank's partners in the AGI are the Nike foundation and the governments of  Afghanistan, Australia, Denmark, Jordan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Liberia, Nepal, Norway, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. This brief features work by the World Bank's Gender Group. For more information, visit the AGI website.

To learn more about the World Bank Group's work on gender and development, visit our Gender website.  

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