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South-South Knowledge Exchange:  
Afghanistan and Nepal
In September 2013, the Afghanistan Female Youth Employment Initiative (FYEI) visited the Nepal Adolescent Girls Employment Initiative (AGEI) project in a weeklong South-South learning exchange.
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Three project teams (including the Nepal AGEI implementers) from Nepal shared how they overcame design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation challenges. The exchange was designed around the learning needs of the FYEI as team members prepared to launch their own training for young women, and provided ample opportunity for in-depth discussions. The Afghanistan delegation included representatives from FYEI, the Council for Humanitarian Affairs (implementer of FYEI), the Curriculum Development Board, and the Technical and Vocational Training Department under the Ministry of Education.

The exchange included site visits to several areas of Nepal, including Birgunj, Simara and the Kathmandu valley, to learn about young women's perceptions of the training and to see the participants at work. The teams met with Muslim women graduates of training in garment fabrication, mobile phone repair, wood carving, housekeeping, and receptionist work. The delegation also observed ongoing hospitality training.

Participants from both the Afghanistan and Nepal teams applauded the exchange as a fruitful learning experience and particularly helpful for the launch of training in Afghanistan, which began in Mazar on November 2. A follow up video-conference was also recently held and a follow-up visit from the representatives of the Nepal team is being planned.    
The World Bank's partners in the AGI are the Nike foundation and the governments of  Afghanistan, Australia, Denmark, Jordan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Liberia, Nepal, Norway, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. This brief features work by the World Bank's Gender and Development Department in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network (PREM). For more information, visit the AGI website.

To learn more about the World Bank Group's work on gender and development, visit our Gender website.  
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