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December 24, 2014
This Newsletter Contains a Summary of Our Meetings in Hong Kong and Europe with The Red Dragon and The Ambassador Along with Newly Released Pictures of the Gold and Historical Assets Held in Trust by The Family.

This newsletter contains a summary of our trip and information regarding recent developments.  I consider it to be one of the more informative newsletters in some time.  Most of the content is in the video so I would encourage you to watch it. 

Our Trip to Meet The Red Dragon and The Ambassador
Our Trip to Meet The Red Dragon and The Ambassador

Yesterday, Dec. 23rd, The Ambassador was interviewed by Ron Van Dyke, I'm including his video as well.  The two videos and the newsletter will give you a good description of what is developing behind the project funding and RV/GCR issue.   


In this newsletter we are also releasing pictures never before shown to the public.  These pictures are from The Ambassadors personal collection of gold, gold backed dinar,

The original dinar, gold dinar coins over 3000 years old 
assets and historical artifacts.  These photos have been displayed at the workshops and they are now ready to be released to the public.  These photos are just a very small portion of what The Family has under their trustee authority.



When Charla and I had dinner with The Red Dragon in Hong Kong we asked the direct question of funding the projects and

The Dragon Family Crest 
the RV.  I explain in further detail in the video, but he said yes, it is in The Family's plan to do both, but do not expect it to happen as soon as others are reporting.   


The Family is in the midst of a change in Administration.  Each Administration has a term of 70 years, with an interim period of approximately 2 years, when the new administration is trained to replace the outgoing one.  We are in that interim period right now.  The Red Dragon, the other senior Family member and The Ambassador are all part of the new incoming administration.  That process should be

The "3 white horse" dinar currency.  All gold backed and very valuable. 
completed about mid year of 2015.  The plan to fund projects and the RV is part of the new incoming Administration, and they cannot fully implement those plans until they are in full control.  So, prudence and common sense tells us to not expect any large scale issues of fully funding the projects and the RV until the new administration is fully in place.

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Enjoy the following pictures, they have never been released to the pubolic before, these are just a small part of what the The Dragon Family has under their trusteeship.

These rows upon rows of gold bars are in a secure location near Hong Kong; multiple soccer fields in size.


The box explains itself, 100 million Euros
An original 1928 series silver backed $1 million bill.
A 1923 $1 million gold coin.
One of the historical artifacts held in trust by The Family.  This is the original gold cup used by Alexander the Great!

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