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Feb. 12, 2013
Recap, Update, New Intel and Protecting Your RV Currency
Feb, 12th, recap, update and intel 
Feb, 12th, recap, update and intel
First I want to welcome the new subscribers to this email list.  In the last 3 weeks we've had a 40% increase in readership with hundreds of new members.  I would encourage you to review the past newsletters on my website and listen to the radio programs for more in depth info.  The radio programs can be downloaded into a MP3 format for easy listening on any compatible device.

Many of you saw the post on Dinar Recaps that Jester (one of the best intel sources) and I had a 2 1/2 hour phone conversation last week.  Jester, who's first name is Bob in real life, has been doing research on the RV for over 3 years and has developed over 200 source contacts all over the world.  From our discussion, we found we are on the same page, and he has further verified that my info has been correct.
Jester/Bob will be my guest next week on the Feb. 19th radio program.  Be ready with your questions, as he has lots of info he can share.

For months now I've been saying if you want to have a clear understanding of how to interpret what others are reporting, you have to start with the bottom-line question:  who's footing the bill?  In other words, who's coming up with the trillions of dollars to pay for the trillions of dinar and dong to be exchanged?

The only place on this planet there is enough money to pay for the 100+ trillion dollars, is the gold held by the Dragon Family in China.  Most of the frequent blog reports seldom talk about them, or even acknowledge their existence.  This week I observed three more reports about their being the source of our exchange:  Karen Hudes, the former World Bank legal counsel who acknowledged the source of those funds in a new You Tube interview; Ben Fulford, former senior editor of the Asian Bureau of Forbes magazine in a recent article; and my conversation with Jester.

When you understand that the Dragon Family is the source, and understand their desire to use this money to change the world, freeing us from our financial slavery, you realize why the delays continue.  They will not release the funds allowing the cabal/illuminati to keep their control over the world's money supply.   Doing so would keep us, the everyday common folk, in an economic slavery for decades to come.  That's the purpose for the sting operations that are still on going.  Until those are finished according to the Dragon Family's satisfaction, we will be waiting for our funds to be released.  None of us know when that will transpire.  It could be next week, it could be a few more months.  Everything else being discussed, reported, taking place, etc. is secondary to the cabal being neutered so their power will be eliminated.
That's what I mean by saying there is a lot of 'bull' going on.  Most of what's being discussed is just a bunch of chatter having little or no impact on the final result.  The constant chatter are examples of addictions to emotional drama, producing lots of talk with little substance.
Do you want the RV to happen sooner?  Of course we all do!  So what can we do?  We all can do our part to counter the energy of darkness by bringing forth our energy of light.  Releasing the energy of light and love overcomes the darkness, countering like issues with like issues.  In other words, if money flow is stuck by dark powers, then we must release money flow with light energy.  How?  Do what Jesus said, GIVE!  "Give and it shall be given to you."  Give to those that nourish and inspire you in this endeavor.  We are on the verge of a breakthrough!  Let's do our work together!!!

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