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"In law, nothing is certain, except the expense."
                                                        -Samuel Butler 
Available for matters in Cook, Dupage, and Will Counties
Established in 2001
December 2013
If You Have Questions About a Legal Matter, Dave Clough Has Answers

This probably won't come as a surprise to you, but not all attorneys are alike. We all have our respective specialties, experiences, insights, perspectives, and styles of working on our clients' behalf. These factors all play a role in our approach and our ability to address clients' legal matters. 


The Law Offices of David Clough are located at 55 West Monroe, Suite 3950, in Chicago.

My goal as an attorney is to deliver effective representation based on the client's personal and/or business circumstances. Whether I'm helping a small business owner tackle a worker's compensation issue, resolving a homeowner's dispute with a contractor, or counseling a client whose underage kid got "popped" for drinking - yes, it's happened -- I provide a quality return on my client's investment.


Recently a prospective client asked, "Why should I hire you?" With so many attorneys who practice in Cook, Dupage, and Will Counties, fair question. Over the years clients have shared a number of reasons they chose to work with me; the most common are below:


> "You are approachable." That's right - you won't be intimidated by me. I try to make the law understandable for the average Joe and Joanna. Whatever your challenge, I'll explain your options in layman's terms. And if I think it might be best to settle vs. fight a case, or I think your expectations are unrealistic (e.g., $12 million in damages when only $3,000 is warranted), I'll tell you.


> "You're available." My policy is to return all calls, texts, and emails within 24 hours. Clients don't wonder when I'll get back to them. If this means tearing myself away from The Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights to get back to a client, I do. (Isn't that why Tivo was invented?) 


> "You understand the business world." In addition to being a small business owner like many of my clients, before I established my firm in 2001 I spent 20 years in the private business sector working for large companies like Walgreens, Citibank, and McDonalds. I understand the problems businesses, and business owners, face.


> "You take time to educate your clients." I welcome all questions from prospects and spend as much time as necessary educating small business owners about the legal process. 


Beginning next month our newsletter will address a variety of legal matters impacting both business owners and individuals, such as landlord-tenant issues; what to expect the first time you go to court; medical malpractice; trends in the law; how to handle traffic tickets; and what to expect when you file for bankruptcy (as a creditor and debtor). If there are any topics you'd like us to discuss in an upcoming issue, please let me know by email


Feel free to forward our newsletters to your associates, family members and friends. And if any of you need legal assistance at any time, I hope you'll keep me in mind.



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