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Winter Soccer Options
For those looking to kick it around a bit indoors over the winter, here are some options:

Spring 2015 Info
Milltown will offer a spring soccer season for U6-U14 players beginning in early April and continuing through late May or early June. Registration will open in early January. There is a pretty good chance we'll remind you again.

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From the Archives
Do you ever find yourself stuck in traffic, reminiscing about Milltown's July 2014 newsletter? Or awake at night, wishing you could relive the magic of that September 2013 newsletter? We know how you feel. Those were good times. Well, we're glad to announce that past copies of the newsletter are now available in our NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE. (You may notice some images are deleted. Our president tells us the NSA is involved, but we are pretty sure he is just too cheap to pay for extra storage). 
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Try Other Things


Milltown's fall season is coming to a (rainy) close over the next few weeks. I hope it has been a fun and rewarding season for our players, coaches, and families, and that our players leave the field with improved skills, new friendships, and a long-lasting enjoyment of the game.

I know many players will be exploring winter soccer options over the next few weeks. Milltown does not offer a winter session, but various private facilities in our area offer leagues and drop-in programs. Staying in touch with the game in an organized or even casual way during the winter months can be a terrific option for some kids, especially if it adds to the time they spend being physically active.

But I encourage all our players--even those pursuing winter soccer--to try other things this winter. Soccer is a great sport, and it can be part of a rewarding sports experience, but for most kids younger than 12 it probably shouldn't be the only part.

There are various reasons to try other things: other sports and activities play an important role in promoting neuromuscular development; sampling a variety of sports at a young age reduces the risk of physical and mental burnout; and, a kid who starts in one sport will often develop a passion for another sport if given the chance. For these and other reasons, the path to athletic success and enjoyment in the teenage and adult years usually winds through multiple sports at younger ages.

So, in addition to (or instead of) soccer this winter, players should consider trying basketball, swimming, rock-climbing, fencing, gymnastics, or basically any other activity that presents a new and different challenge. This will provide both physical and mental variety, and will help players return to the pitch in the spring or fall mentally refreshed and ready to play.

Thanks and enjoy the off-season, 


Mike Reese
President, Milltown United Soccer Club
Thanks to our Coaches

This season we are fortunate to have more than 200 volunteers coaching Milltown teams. Some of them have kids playing in our program; others don't. Some have extensive soccer backgrounds; others don't. Some are very sharp dressers; others...well... What they all share is a commitment to promoting skill development in a safe, fun, and positive environment. They are the backbone of our club, and without their willingness to put in the time planning and supervising practices and games, the Milltown model wouldn't work. On behalf of our entire club, the Milltown Board of Directors thanks them for their time and commitment this season, and hopes to see them back in the future.

OYSA Partnership

This fall Milltown partnered with the Oregon Youth Soccer Association on a project designed to improve the experience of coaches and players in our Kick and Chase program. Directed by OYSA's Director of Coaching Education, Bob Bigney (AKA Coach Bob), the project provided coaches with practice plans for each practice session and on-site coaching support from OYSA coaches. Coaching--especially in these age groups--can be a challenge, and this project was designed to make coaching easier and more rewarding while ensuring age-appropriate practice sessions for players. Word on the playground is that it went pretty well.