May 2014 Newsletter
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Fall Registration is Open
Registration for the fall 2014 soccer season closes on June 15. Milltown offers fall soccer for players in Kindergarten through High School. Teams do sometimes fill, so register now for priority placement.
Soccer on Sale
Punch cards for Milltown's drop-in soccer program are 20% off through May 31, and the summer drop-in schedule is now posted. Visit our DROP-IN SOCCER  page to purchase.  
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Summer Camps
Summer is fast-approaching. It's a good time to take a look at our schedule of SUMMER CAMPS. In addition to our usual camps from UK International Soccer and the Portland Timbers, we've added a new camp organized by the Portland Thorns. All are great opportunities for recreational players to have some summer fun while improving their skills.
Soccer for Coaches
"Sunday Soccer for Coaches" is back. Starting June 1, from 6-8 p.m. at Tektronix field, our coaches will be back in action, playing casual pick-up games and sharing coaching tips. Local stores might want to stock up on Advil and Icy-Hot.
Summer Tournaments

Summer is a great time to explore small-sided tournaments with current teammates and new friends. A few places you might see Milltown teams in June: The Beaverton Cup 4 v 4, the 3 v 3 Live Tournament, hosted by our friends at Bridlemile Soccer Club, and the 6 v 6 Tournament at the Tigard Festival of Balloons. Interested teams should register soon.  Participation in summer tournaments is organized by coaches and parents on a team-by-team basis; Milltown does not form teams for summer tournament play. 

For those who can't seem to choose between the thrill of a perfectly-placed driven pass and the joy of wearing long argyle socks and knickers in public, we have a sport for you: FootGolf. Now available in right here in PDX.
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Being Positive


Youth sports administrators talk a lot these days about being positive: positive coaching, creating a positive sports culture, and positive spectator behavior are priorities for just about every organization that serves kids. 


There are good reasons for this. Kids enjoy themselves more when those around them are positive, they are more likely to continue playing a sport when they feel good about what they are doing, and research suggests that praise promotes skill acquisition both in the classroom and on the playing field. In short, being positive does more than make kids feel better; it helps them learn better and, eventually, perform  better.


Unfortunately, we all have seen young players reprimanded by a coach in front of teammates and spectators for making a mistake during a game. Some argue that "this is how kids learn," but we now know that such an approach is both inappropriate and counterproductive if the goal is to help players learn and enjoy a sport. 


That is not to say that coaches should not instruct, correct, and occasionally point out mistakes. These are necessary aspects of coaching, and should not be replaced with team hugs, false praise, and a chorus of Kumbaya at every practice. The challenge is to instruct in a way that promotes learning and enjoyment of the game by situating corrective instruction within a positive, supportive context. 


There are simple and practical ways of doing this. For example, the Positive Coaching Alliance suggests a model of Filling Emotional Tanks, in which coaches, teammates, and spectators strive to provide all players with specific, truthful praise on a regular basis. The idea is that kids will be more responsive to criticism and instruction if their "emotional tanks" are constantly being filled with supportive comments. This approach can be coupled with more focused techniques such as the Criticism Sandwich, in which corrective instruction is sandwiched between specific and truthful positive comments. 


Techniques like these are surprisingly effective, and that is why they are important tools in every coach's (and spectator's) toolkit. But their success depends upon participation from everyone--coaches, spectators, and teammates. So next time you're out coaching, watching a game, or kicking it around with the kids, say something positive. Every little bit helps. 



Mike Reese
President, Milltown United Soccer Club
Summer Soccer, UK-style

Milltown's DROP-IN SOCCER program continues this summer with "UK Soccer Night" sessions designed and run by coaches from UK International Soccer. Each session will involve developmentally-appropriate games and plenty of free play designed to build soccer skills in a positive, fun, camp-like environment.


This program is built to be flexible: buy a punch card, come to sessions whenever convenient. That's it. 


If you are still hung up on that whole War of 1812 business, you need to get over it. We are allies, after all. These guys are great, and they want kids to have a blast playing the game of soccer.


UK Soccer Night

Summer schedule

(June 1 through July 31, at Tektronix Field)  


Mondays, 5-6 pm 1st-2nd Grade (U7-8)

Mondays, 6-7 pm 3rd-4th Grade (U9-10)

Mondays, 7-8 pm 5th-6th Grade (U11-12)


(ages/grades as of fall 2014)


Drop-in Soccer operates on a punch card system. Punch Cards are 20% off through May 31. Check our DROP-IN SOCCER page for more info. 

Select Soccer, THPRD-style

Normally, we are not big fans of passing along notes. We worry about getting sent to the principal's office. But in this case we are happy to let folks know about a new program offered by our friends at THPRD. We'll let them tell you in their own words:


Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District is offering a Select Soccer program. This program is replacing the THSSP program offered by Tualatin Hills Junior Soccer League this past fall and spring seasons. This program is player and coach development based.

Teams will play in the OYSA Developmental League that will cover the U11 - U14 age groups. To play in the league, players must be registered as recreational. This allows us to involve other organizations from around the metro area without forcing those organizations to register as competitive. Leagues will be offered for boys and named the Timbers Developmental League and the league that will be offered for girls will be named the Thorns Developmental League.


HERE is a document that details the new program, as well as its mission. For more information or questions, please visit our webpage or contact Julie Rocha at or Julie Pacarro-Stout at