September 2013 Newsletter
Game(s) On!
Most of Milltown's U8-HS teams took to the fields last weekend for their first set of games, and Kick and Chase will be starting their game schedule in the next few weeks. It's an exciting time for players, coaches, and parents. Check out the U8-HS Game Schedule, and make it a point to get out to one of these games this season. You'll see some great soccer, smiling faces, and proud parents. Some of them might even share their snacks.
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Beat L.A.
Milltown players and families will be out in full force when the Portland Timbers play the L.A. Galaxy on September 29. Some of our players will be on the field during pre-game activities, and there will be a Milltown section up in the stands. It should be a great time for all. If you're watching from home: look for Milltown faces.
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Thanks, Coach
As the fall 2013 game season officially kicks off, the Milltown community can look forward to a rewarding season of soccer, improved soccer skills, new friendships and, if all goes well, that special kind of satisfaction that comes from watching a collection of individuals become a team.
None of it would happen without our coaches. They make this whole thing work, and I want to thank each and every one of them for their contributions over the years.

This season alone, we are fortunate to have more than 200 volunteers coaching Milltown teams. Some of them have soccer backgrounds. Many of them do not. What they share is a commitment to helping every player develop skills that will serve them well while they play the game, character traits that will serve them well both on and off the field, and an enjoyment of the game that will last a lifetime. 

It's not always easy, and it takes a significant amount of time and dedication. They don't ask for much in terms of rewards. But I have been at this for a while now, and I have learned a few things about coaches. So let me share a secret: There are two words that every coach appreciates hearing now and then. They are simple words and easy to pronounce. Here they are: "Thanks, Coach."

So if you know a current or former Milltown coach--or any coach for that matter--please take a moment sometime during the season to share those two words. (Feel free to embellish. I'm just providing the basics.)

Thanks and let's all have a great season of soccer,

Mike Reese
President, Milltown United SC
Kickin' It With Jake Gleeson
Jake Gleeson, backup goalkeeper for the Portland Timbers, visited Milltown in late August for a club-wide goalkeeper clinic. Players and coaches got some great tips from a guy who has made his share of saves. Aside from confirming things that most folks already knew (like, for example, that New Zealanders are very nice and that professional athletes are...uh...very athletic), Jake shared some great shot-stopping tips. He even surprised some players by revealing that he did not take up soccer until he was 14 years old.  
Friday Night Soccer 
Friday Night Soccer kicked off last Friday and will continue through Oct. 25. These are free, drop-in soccer clinics for currently-registered U8-14 Milltown players run by experienced coaches from U.K. International Soccer. These coaches conduct some of Milltown's summer camps, and they aim to build soccer skills and enjoyment of the game in a positive, fun, camp-like environment. Yes, they are visiting from the U.K. No, they aren't hung up on the whole 1776 thing. They're over it. They just want everyone to enjoy the game of soccer.
The Kohl's Cup is Coming
This year the Tualatin Hills Junior Soccer League is working with the Oregon Youth Soccer Association to host the Kohl's American Cup on fields in our area. The tournament takes place October 5-6 and is open to all recreational U10-14 teams. Entry information has been provided to coaches. Expect to see a lot of Milltown green in this tournament.