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Product Recalls Soar

In the wake of FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) implementation by the FDA, food product recalls have soared. These are typically due to mislabeling, undeclared allergens or contamination.
For example, after seven people fell severely ill from listeria infections (and two later died), CRF Frozen Foods is expanding its recall to include 358 products sold at major chains like Costco, Trader Joe's, and Safeway. Similarly, Hostess is recalling 710,000 cases of snack cakes and donuts because its flour supplier, Grain Craft, has announced a recall of its own due to undeclared peanut residue.

Food companies are now taking FDA and Department of Justice (DOJ) enforcement seriously and implementing more voluntary recalls. And it is not just the FDA you have to worry about - law firms now circle food poisoning incidents like sharks in the water.

Recalls are expensive. Sadly, most are also preventable. Each recall highlights weaknesses in a company's food safety program. Would not it be better to tackle issues upfront with proven food safety programs such as HACCP, HARPC or GFSI-approved schemes (SQF, BRC, etc.) instead of tweaking procedures through recalls that damage market images, endanger vendor relationships and risk costly litigation? The FDA is playing for keeps - shouldn't you?

What is the Bottom Line for your Company?

The Food Safety Modernization Act changed the world for organizations in the food industry. Food safety enforcement by the FDA and DOJ has quickly become aggressive and is transforming the industry.

Recalls are up, as are DOJ investigations for criminal activity. This is a tripwire that you want to avoid. It pays to have an accredited food safety management system in place.
We can Help

If your organization needs assistance in becoming certified to a food safety standard, preparing for vendor or re-certification audits, or being ready for HARPC compliance under the FSMA landscape, we can provide affordable local consultants to assist you. Learn more at Food Safety Consultants, a North American alliance of highly experienced consultants with proven track records.
June 2016



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