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Do You Have A Food Safety Recall Plan?

GFSI-approved food safety schemes and the Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls (HARPC) both require realistic, tested food safety recall plans. It is something you hope you never need, but if you do, it had better work!

Many food companies need help in understanding what goes into a recall plan or don't know how to begin constructing one. Here are some free materials to get you started:
We Can Help

We are a North American Alliance of expert food safety consultants. If your organization needs assistance in preparing food safety recall plans, becoming certified to GFSI schemes, or being prepared for HARPC compliance under the FSMA landscape, we can help. We also have customized maintenance programs to help ensure that your facilities remain prepared for re-certification audits, vendor audits and FDA inspections. Learn more at Food Safety Consultants.
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To learn more about the purpose and content of food safety recall plans, we suggest reading these documents:
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We are a nationwide network of food safety consultants with seasoned expertise in helping clients become certified under approved GFSI schemes. Our consultants work closely with you to develop a certification strategy that best fits your unique situation and budget. And our turnkey consulting approach ensures your certification success in a timely fashion...satisfaction guaranteed!.




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How can your business and facilities become certified to a GFSI approved scheme? This detailed, customized report explains the steps involved and provides North American organizations with an estimate for consulting, Registrar and auditing fees. It also gives you an idea of the timeframe typically required for a company like yours to achieve a GFSI food safety certification. And just for requesting the Report, we will send a FREE publication, "Marketing your Food Safety Certification - How to Promote your Food Safety Certification," which explains how to leverage your GFSI-approved certification to gain more business.