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New FDA Food Code Reference System


Are you active in the retail or food service industry? Have a question about the FDA position on a food safety subject? Now there is a quick way to get an answer.


Last April, the FDA released a new, searchable Food Code Reference System (FCRS), a searchable database that contains FDA's interpretative positions and responses to questions related to the FDA Food Code. It is intended to promote consistent understanding and application of the Food Code and support the FDA's efforts to prevent foodborne illness through the application of science-based food safety principles.

Registration is free. Users can search the database using drop-down menus, keyword search, date fields, or a combination of these options.
FDA Registration 

Does the FSMA require a food facility to submit additional information to the FDA in order to receive a registration number?

Registration for a domestic facility is required to contain the e-mail address for the contact person of the facility, or for a foreign facility, the email address of the United States agent for the facility. All food facility registrations are required to contain an assurance that FDA will be permitted to inspect the facility.

PSV Food Safety Consultants offers a comprehensive  Gold Star Maintenance Program to help certified companies maintain readiness for unannounced audits or FDA inspections. Our affordable program is customized to satisfy your specific needs. Please contact us for a FREE consultation to learn how we can help your organization.
Food Safety in the News

7 Essential Components for a Successful Foreign Supplier Verification Program. Not only does the importer need to keep a certain amount of records that FDA has access to, but as part of a successful program, the importer also needs to have food safety records from the foreign supplier; and all records must be subject to FDA availability.
June, 2014



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How can your business and facilities become certified to a GFSI approved scheme? This detailed, customized report explains the steps involved and provides North American organizations with an estimate for consulting, Registrar and auditing fees. It also gives you an idea of the timeframe typically required for a company like yours to achieve a GFSI food safety certification. And just for requesting the Report, we will send a FREE publication, "Marketing your Food Safety Certification - How to Promote your Food Safety Certification," which explains how to leverage your GFSI-approved certification to gain more business.