Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado
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Use the Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado calendar all year long - post your events related to problem solving activities to our calendar for all months, not just October!

August 1st, 11:30 AM-1:00 PM: Monthly Synergizer Meeting
There are so many ways to get involved in Conflict Resolution Month. One of the best ways is to become a Synergizer and join a Team!

Conflict Resolution Month Teams are groups of folks who have come together to coordinate an aspect of Conflict Resolution Month. There is a wide range of diversity in team activities--chances are, there is a team that would be a great fit for the contribution of your time and talents!

Check out the details of each team here.  If you don't see a team that's right for you, feel free to attend the monthly Synergizer meeting and suggest something new!

To join a team, contact 

 All donations to Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado are processed through our fiscal sponsor, The Conflict Center.  Please be sure to make a note in the online donation form that indicates that your donation is for Conflict Resolution Month!
You may also send a check directly to the Conflict Center with Conflict Resolution Month in the memo line. 
June, 2015


What an enthusiastic response we received when we announced to Haydn Shaw that his book was selected for our campaign!  He was gracious and enthusiastic.  He explained that he has been working in the field of conflict resolution for many decades ... like so many of us.  He is honored that we selected Sticking Points: How to Get 4 Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart.  Also, he is pleased that we will distribute over 220 copies through our outreach in Colorado.


I have started the book and find it wonderfully readable and very enlightening. Reading about the "ghost stories" and experiences that underlie people's choices, reactions and opinions about what is right, important, appropriate, caring, etc. is helping me understand, and perhaps accept, behaviors that make no sense to me.  Learning that there are actually subsets of Boomers, for example, has addressed persistent and bothersome questions I have had about differences in a group that is too often inaccurately described in one broad stroke.  Being born in 1945 leaves me outside the descriptive years for any of the generations.  I felt a bit lost, until now.


We are also grateful to Haydn Shaw for a generous and deeply discounted price, making it possible for us to distribute books more freely and keep funds available for other outreach efforts.  We pay close attention to carefully leveraging contributions so we can best "inspire constructive problem solving in Colorado" (our mission).


Thank you, Haydn Shaw!  We welcome you to the campaign and are grateful for you're your informative and entertaining book.


More about our author at:

Looking forward to the remainder of the book.  I would love to hear from others about their new intergenerational insights and discoveries.

Busy Reading ... Mary Zinn

What is a Conflict Resolution Month Proclamation?


These are issued by the State, Counties, Municipalities, Universities, etc. to confirm their support for our program that encourages conflict resolution in our business, school and recreational communities.


The 2015 Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado campaign is underway and the Proclamation Team is working hard to renew and recruit new proclamations throughout Colorado's cities, counties and universities. We need YOUR HELP to facilitate statewide commitment to Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado!! If you are interested in reaching out to a local municipality or being involved in the statewide proclamation outreach, please contact Rita Hyland, or 303-882-3282, with any questions and to confirm the status of the municipality you are considering.


Please visit and refer to the Proclamations page for examples. Rita will see to it that your Proclamation is added to the web site and that the issuing entity is proudly recognized in our campaign web site & literature.


Click HERE for instructions on how to obtain a proclamation for Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado.


Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Rita Hyland, Proclamation Team Leader, & Talon Clancy 

Check it out! University of Denver's Fridays at Noon, a bi-weekly lunch and learn series, interviews Maggie Lea, Restorative Justice Program Coordinator at DU. A great interview highlighting the field of Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice!

We will feature one Power of 10 Hours story monthly. We hope inspiration is drawn from the examples provided through participation in the 2014 campaign!  What will you do with 10 hours this year?

This week we are highlighting Myra Isenhart and her collaboration with conflict resolution professionals to create a coalition, expanding awareness of programs in Summit County.

"Many suggestions for activity came out of our first meeting. Some can be implemented immediately, such as distribution of conflict resolution materials through the library system. Others are in the planning stages." Read more about Myra's experience HERE!
Next Meeting:
July 1st, 2015 - 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
The Conflict Center, 
4140 Tejon Street
Denver, CO 80211 

The Conflict Resolution Month Synergizers are a group of individuals who come together each month to build the infrastructure that supports Conflict Resolution Month activities and to build awareness of Conflict Resolution Month overall. Meetings are open to anyone who has the passion and energy to commit to making Conflict Resolution Month a success!

Synergizer Meetings take place at 11:30am on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month at the Conflict Center. Please bring your own lunch if you wish. Snacks will be provided.


The mission of Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado
is to inspire the use of constructive problem solving in Colorado.