Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado
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Use the Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado calendar all year long - post your events related to problem solving activities to our calendar for all months, not just October!

May 6th, 11:30AM - 1:00PM: Monthly Synergizer Meeting - details in newsletter

There are so many ways to get involved in Conflict Resolution Month. One of the best ways is to become a Synergizer and join a Team!

Conflict Resolution Month Teams are groups of folks who have come together to coordinate an aspect of Conflict Resolution Month. There is a wide range of diversity in team activities--chances are, there is a team that would be a great fit for the contribution of your time and talents!

Check out the details of each team here.  If you don't see a team that's right for you, feel free to attend the monthly Synergizer meeting and suggest something new!

To join a team, contact 

 All donations to Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado are processed through our fiscal sponsor, The Conflict Center.  Please be sure to make a note in the online donation form that indicates that your donation is for Conflict Resolution Month!
You may also send a check directly to the Conflict Center with Conflict Resolution Month in the memo line. 
April, 2015

All 35 Senators voted for, and became co-sponsors of Joint Resolution 15-022 today. Lots of support from the statehouse!

We will feature one Power of 10 Hours story monthly. We hope inspiration is drawn from the examples provided through participation in the 2014 campaign!  What will you do with 10 hours this year?

This week we are highlighting Robin Guillian's impactful contribution to spread Conflict Resolution Month beyond Colorado!

"In September of last year, I met with the amazing Synergizers of Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado. Inspired and energized I organized and launched Conflict Resolution Month in Vermont. We had a great first year and this year there we are having an amazing response to the outreach." Read more about Robin's work and Conflict Resolution Month in Vermont HERE!
Film Festival Flix, a unique concept bringing the film festival experience to Denver audiences on a monthly basis, will premiere the Swedish independent film 'The Reunion', a film exploring the boundaries of Bullying. 'The Reunion' is written, directed and played by Anna Odell. Anna Odell heads to her 20th high school reunion to confront her childhood bullies. How far is too far? Moving the past into the present, 'The Reunion' raises questions about harassment, fear, courage, identity and belonging. 

Screening on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at the Landmark Theatre in Greenwood Village. Following the screening there will be a live Q&A with Anna Odell, the writer, director and star, and a desert reception.
What: Collaboration for Community Flood Response & Resilience Planning Workshop
When: April 10-11th, 2015
Where: NCAR & University of Colorado Boulder

Colorado's natural resources are facing increasing pressure due to population growth, changing climatic conditions and natural disasters, such as flooding and wildfires. These pressures make it difficult for community leaders and natural resource managers to protect and manage shared resources for multiple uses. Concern over Colorado's natural resources sometimes invokes conflict between competing interests, so it is essential to find common ground and promote collaboration and teamwork in an environment where fairness, integrity, and responsibility are both expected and rewarded.


Differences can be engaged productively when stakeholders become more knowledgeable about public issues, communicate in a more meaningful and effective way, open the debate to include all stakeholders, and negotiate in principled ways to settle disagreements.


Over the last decade, communities have been called upon to respond to disasters and manage resources as never before. Collaboration is essential to effective community planning and preparedness, and often leads to new approaches and solutions. This Leadership Workshop will provide participants with tools to effectively engage their communities in discussion and debate that leads to collaborative problem-solving.


Workshop Components
- Stakeholder panel on Issues Facing Communities in Flood Response/Mitigation
- Skills training in organizing collaboration and communication
- Skills training in public meeting facilitation
- Field trip to site of Lyons Flood
- Stakeholder panel on Collaborative Flood Response Planning Success Stories


Meetings will be held at two Boulder locations: the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and the University of Colorado's Institute of Behavioral Sciences building. Lodging options are available nearby. More details and directions will be sent with registration.


Workshop tuition of $100 includes materials and breakfast and lunch both days.Space is limited and will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.


Who should attend?
Representatives from local, state and federal agencies; elected officials; industry representatives and small business-owners; academicians; representatives of civic and non-governmental conservation organizations; and concerned and active citizens..


To enroll, please contact:
University of Denver Conflict Resolution Institute
2201 S. Gaylord St., Sie 161
Denver, CO 80210
Phone: 303.871.7685
Fax: 303.871.2124


Online Registration:  
Additional Questions:
For information:;
For additional information:  

Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado is excited to announce our new Speakers Bureau! Any friends and supporters of Conflict Resolution Month are welcome to post a brief bio and a list of topics. Your name and bio will be listed with other speakers on our website:

Check out the examples Mary Zinn and Steve Felt have posted. The Speakers Bureau is another step in making Colorado the most civil state in the union. Below are the specifics for submitting your bio:
  • Name
  • Contact information - email and/or phone number
  • Website
  • Bio - max 150 words
  • List of 5 topics or presentations
Please send our information to
Don't miss this video of Monica Lichtenberger of Phoenix Strategies. Monica highlights Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado and much more.  Perhaps it could be shared with others who want to know more about solving problems constructively - and who doesn't want to know how to do that?
Well done Monica! Watch Here!
Let's raise CR Month visibility and rally supporters with an October FLASH MOB...YouTube, here we come!

Any CR Month friends or supporters willing to share their expertise and lead in the coordination and organization of our very first flash mob? Please contact Mary Zinn: 
Next Meeting:
May 6th, 2015 - 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
The Conflict Center, 
4140 Tejon Street
Denver, CO 80211 

The Conflict Resolution Month Synergizers are a group of individuals who come together each month to build the infrastructure that supports Conflict Resolution Month activities and to build awareness of Conflict Resolution Month overall. Meetings are open to anyone who has the passion and energy to commit to making Conflict Resolution Month a success!

Synergizer Meetings take place at 11:30am on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month at the Conflict Center. Please bring your own lunch if you wish. Snacks will be provided.



The mission of Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado
is to inspire the use of constructive problem solving in Colorado.