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Welcome Delphine Criscenzo & Gil Cardon
KBOO's New Station Co-Managers
Del and Gil started on February 1st, and they are eager to introduce themselves to you.

"As current KBOO members and volunteers, we have experienced first-hand why KBOO is so important to the world and are truly invested in building on KBOO's fifty-year legacy!"

Read more from them, and learn how to get in touch, on Del's blog!
Welcome Matthew, the new Director of Underwriting!

We're excited to welcome Matthew Bristow as our new Director of Underwriting. In addition to volunteering at KBOO since 1999, Matthew is an expert in fundraising and has supported our community partner BARK as their Canvassing Director for the past 11 years. Have questions? Email him!
Join KBOO's Disaster Preparedness Crew

KBOO needs to be prepared for disasters (human or natural) - help us make a plan and get ready. Are you a ham radio operator? An EMT? A person who knows about alternative energy? We would love to get your help with putting together our disaster plan.

Join us February 17, 2017, from 6-8 pm at the KBOO studios
KBOO's got a new web audio streamer!

We are pleased to announce that KBOO Engineering has installed a new Telos Zipstream R1 audio streamer. Thank you KBOO members - who have made this improvement to our on-air sound possible!

2017 Artist in Residence Applications Available

Every year, one artist or one collaborative group of artists will be awarded 20 hours of studio recording/production time with a KBOO engineer to create a piece of sound art that will be be presented at the end of the residency.

ICYMI: Audio Highlights
Greg Palast discusses his fearless work in uncovering the organized attacks on voting rights and how he's detailed the stolen votes of a million American citizens in elections since 2000. Hear his appearance on Voices From The Edge.
Incarceration often prevents families, friends and lovers from spending Valentine's Day together, so Prison Pipeline featured Valentine's messages from people in prison and their loved ones on the outside.

Teaching in a Time of Trump was a chance for local educators & community activists to connect and develop action plans to support social justice education. Sponsored by the Portland Association of Teachers, and hosted by the Critical Educators Collective.

Upcoming Events

Northwest Film Center presents Oregon's largest annual film for its 40th year with over 160 films (98 features and 66 shorts) drawn from around the globe.

Feb. 9th-25th
various times/locations
The Cascade Festival of African Films shows us Africa through the eyes of Africans, rather than a vision of Africa packaged for Western viewers.

Through Mar. 3rd
various times/locations
Join us for a folk-music benefit for Sisters Of The Road! Cosy Sheridan, Tom May, Richard Colombo & Laurie Linn, Jaspar Lepak, Doug Smith, Alexa Wiley, and Matt Meighan.

Feb. 18th, 7-10pm
3000 NE Alberta Street 
Program underwriting is affordable, targeted, effective, and aligns your business or organization with KBOO's values. 

Contact Matthew by email or by phone 503-231-8032 ext. 209.
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