We want to thank you, amazing KBOO community: members, volunteers, restaurants, match-contributors. We can't do it without you.

Your outpouring of support throughout this past drive got us super close to our $120,000 goal. In fact, we ended up only $5,000 short of it! 

Just last week we started talking about needing a special vehicle for remote broadcasts - the next day, we received an email that said: "Someone would like to donate this vehicle to KBOO!"

Can you help us make the most of this amazing gift? We're looking for:
  • help with paying the monthly insurance
  • professional tune-up and/or on-going maintenance
  • body work (the van is in great shape & we would love to make sure it stays that way)
  • help with cleaning and maintaining the vehicle
  • a covered parking area (at least 12 feet in height)
  • KBOO specific signage and branding!
Please e-mail monica@kboo.fm or call 503-231-8032, ext. 204. Learn more about the van on Monica's blog!

Thanks to our community members, listeners, and supporters, KBOO Community Radio has been nominated for 4 categories in Willamette Week's Best of Portland Awards for 2016!

  • Best Radio Station (Music)
  • Best Radio Station (Talk)
  • Best Portland Events Calendar
  • Best Nonprofit
A number of KBOO community members and underwriters have been nominated for awards as well. Share the love with them too! Learn more on our website.

Will The Bern pull out the presidential nomination in the 11th hour? Will Ted Wheeler win the Portland mayor's race outright with 51% of the vote? Join KBOO on Tuesday, May 17th for live coverage of the national and local primary races starting at 5pm. Catch analysis, breaking news, and perhaps a bit of poetry on this historic political evening.

Crossing East Marathon on May 30th

KBOO will broadcast the entirety of Dmae Robert's Peabody Award-winning 8-part series Crossing East: Our Stories, Our History, Our America. Crossing East is eight one-hour documentaries on the history of Asian immigration into the US, from pre-nationhood to post-9/11, and is hosted by George Takei and Margaret Cho.

Make sure to tune in on May 30th, from 10am to 6pm, to hear this innovative program: the first comprehensive radio series on Asian American history.

As Time Goes By In Shanghai: Shanghai Jazz

Shanghai's Peace Old Jazz Band has performed together since 1980, but the group's members have been playing for much longer. From the Japanese occupation and the Cultural Revolution to capitalism on overdrive, the band members have seen the many faces of China and withstood the government's suspicions of jazz.

Thursday, May 19th at 7pm. Suggested donation: $5-10

Pinkwashing Exposed
Pinkwashing is a term used by activists to describe an explicit strategy taken up in recent years by the government of Israel: to portray Israel as a leader in gay rights, to market Israel as a gay tourism destination, to deflect attention away from the extreme violence of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

This film sheds light on what pinkwashing is, how Seattle activists are fighting back, and what the resulting backlash from local communities and mainstream media looked like.

Thursday, June 9th at 7pm. Suggested donation: $5-10
Do you have an elderly friend or relative who lost their retirement savings to ENRON? The KBOO News staff wants to record their story. We are still gathering audio for ENRON Remembered: a project revisiting what happened to Oregon during the collapse of ENRON. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the conviction of Jeff Skilling and Kenneth Lay, and we are working to tell this timeless tale of unbridled corruption and failed energy policy.

We are looking for people to interview who lost their job or retirement savings in the ENRON implosion. Can you help us tell this heartbreaking but cautionary tale of Oregon history? Please send potential contacts to interview to Lisa Loving at newsdirector@kboo.org or call 503-231-8032 ext. 203.

Higher Reasoning Reggae Time & More Reggae!

Ras Danny Fallon, host of Higher Reasoning Reggae Time & More Reggae! is a Mixcloud legend. His shows consistently debut in the top 20 of the Mixcloud #CommunityRadio chart. We're so proud of the great music and incredible work he does every week. Congratulations Danny - and check out his Mixcloud!

Don't miss these important upcoming KBOO Evening News and Public Affairs trainings, all designed to equip you with the tools for citizen journalism.

  • Friday, May 13th, noon-1pm, News Department Orientation: Learn about all your options as a news and public affairs producer at KBOO and play with audio field recording devices in a no-pressure environment.
  • Friday, May 18th, 4-6pm, Board Op with Ian Gadberry: Learn about the exciting world of the KBOO air room as a news engineer, with one of the most hilarious and fun trainers in the KBOO community. Yes, you will be tested in this class - and you will love it.
  • Friday, May 20th, noon-1pm, Introduction to Newswriting: Learn the basics of organizing your thoughts and writing them effectively for radio news.
Trainings are free, after taking the Volunteer Orientation.
For more information just email newsdirector@kboo.fm!

KBOO News reporters Doug McVay and Robin Ryan were chosen from a competitive pool of applicants to attend Raise the Bar: Watchdog Reporting Workshop at the University of Oregon. 

Our Volunteer Spotlight and Underwriting Blogs will return next month. In the meantime, check out this vintage Current article on KBOO in 1998. Here's a quote:

"(KBOO) was so rogue and so independent, it was unbelievable." Charles de Greef, host of Holland Hour - Het Hollands Uurtje
KBOO Youth Collective Goings On and Happenings

The April show of the KBOO Youth Collective was about Products and Consumerism, and we'd like to thank all our new members for supporting us! It was a great time with pieces on consumerism, manipulative advertising, candy reviews, and an interview with Derek from the Oregon Jewish Youth Community Foundation.

Our next music program is today, May 13th at 8pm, and features The Scribes playing live, The Macks who will be at KBOO for an interview, and many of the participants of Friends of Noise, to tell us more about the organization (KBOO is a partner!) and the launch party on May 22nd at Los Prados Event Hall, featuring the Doo-Doo Funk All-Stars, and more!

Here are some of this month's audio highlights
Paying Tribute to Prince

Many KBOO DJs took some time to honor the life and music of Prince Rogers Nelson, & we've collected the links to the tributes on this page. Rest In Prince. <3

... did you hear what I just heard?

Why yes, that was BERNIE SANDERS you heard on Air Cascadia!

Poison Idea Live

Hardcore heroes Poison Idea Live on Drinking From Puddles! The Original Kings of Punk, return from Europe and back into KBOO's Studio One!

Upcoming Co-Sponsored Events
A Message from Women in Gambia

Youth women organizers for the All African Women's Revolutionary Union and the All African People's Revolutionary Party speak about organizing for Pan-Africanism in Gambia and Africa. The All African People's Revolutionary Party (A-APRP) is hosting its annual discussion events as a way of informing discussion about the worldwide struggle for Pan-Africansim, which we define as one unified socialist Africa.

Join this report back on May 18th, starting at 6pm, at Smith Memorial Student Union Room 333 at PSU.

Friends of Noise Launch Party!

Friends of Noise formed to create more opportunities for youth to produce, perform, and gather at all-ages music shows, and raise awareness for the need of an all ages venue. 

Friends of Noise celebrates its launch on May 22nd, at 5:30pm, at Los Prados Event Hall, 10105 N Lombard St, in Portland. See The Doo Doo Funk All StarsNeo G YoDrex Porter, and GEM Dynasty. KBOO Community Radio is a partner in this coalition!

Vanport Mosaic Festival

Join us for the Inaugural Vanport Mosaic Festival, May 27th - 30th, a 4-day multi-disciplinary event that memorializes Vanport, a place whose existence and destruction had a direct impact on our state's racial history. 

Conceived and curated by artistic co-directors Laura Lo Forti, S. Renee Mitchell, and Damaris Webb, the Festival, on the 68th anniversary of the Vanport Flood, will unite Portland area residents through historical and artistic tributes.

More events can be found on our Community Events Calendar!

Find  out more about our Facebook events!

Read what we're saying on Twitter!

See cool KBOO photos with Instagram!

Additional Ways To Get Involved
Rerun will sell your used items to raise money for KBOO!

It's spring cleaning time! Do you have used furniture, household goods, clothing etc. that are great for resale? Rerun can help you with all that - and make sure to tell them your stuff is for KBOO. After they sell it, KBOO will receive a check to help run our community radio station.

Buying or selling books? If you shop at Powell's, KBOO receives a donation!

KBOO and Powell's Books have partnered, and we're looking for you to join us in supporting community radio. Everytime you shop online at Powell's Books, KBOO earns a flat 7.5% commission on all sales and book buy-back referrals.

Donate your car!

We accept cars with clean titles in any condition. Click on the link below for more information.


Contact Ani Haines, Volunteer Coordinator, to find out how you can help. Check out the volunteer page for our next orientation!

Become an underwriter!

Increase your business visibility through program sponsorship & support equitable and accessible media at the same time!

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