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We raised over $27,000 exceeding our goal of $20,000 for the December Drive.
We also would like to welcome 40 new members to the KBOO family. We still need 60 more new members to reach our goal of 100 by the end of December.
KBOO Volunteer Wins Prestigious Professional Journalism Partnership Trip to Pakistan
As part of the International Center for Journalists' "U.S.-Pakistan Professional Partnership in Journalism," KBOO volunteer news team member Eric Tegethoff has been awarded a fully paid internship to Pakistan with a group of journalists from across the United States.  

The group will be staying in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad and talking with government and media officials, as well as visiting cultural and historical sites. 

Eric will be traveling to Washington, D.C. first on January 28th and then he will be off to Pakistan February 1st and returning February 12th. 

Eric was generous enough to answer some questions while he prepared for his trip. In fact, he was very excited to talk about the trip.  
Learn more here... 

KBOO Has a Mobile Website!   


KBOO was selected as a project of the Epicodus coding school last Fall, and had six students work with us for several months to develop a mobile website, which is now visible at http://m.kboo.fm  


Current features:  

  • Stream of live content prominent and easy

  • Featured upcoming content

  • List of current scheduled programs

Once we upgrade our website to Drupal 7, the feeds of all programs will be available and mobile-friendly, so our mobile site will include a number of new features. Stay tuned!    



December 2014 KBOO Co-Manager News 
KBOO Radio Station Co-Managers Mic Crenshaw & Monica Beemer 

New and Increased Donors Matched in December!


Increase your donation and help us spread the good news about KBOO's matching grants in December!!  


All donations from new donors and all increased annual donations from current members will be matched 1:1 by generous foundations and individuals up to $10,000 in December 2014!   That means a $35 new or increased membership will become $70, and a $100 increase will become $200 in support.


Spread the word and tell your friends why you support KBOO and ask them to consider becoming members.  Thank you to the Juan Young Trust, Vernier Software, SSI Shredding Systems and the Wendy Foundation for their generous support of our new and increased donor match!


What is a new member/donation?

  1. Someone who has not given/been a member to KBOO before.

What is an increased donation?

  1. If you increase your monthly deduction - the increase total for the year will be matched.
  2. If you give monthly but give an additional gift - the additional gift is matched.

  3. If you give more than you gave last year - the increase is matched.

Please consider giving your end of year charitable contribution to KBOO. If you contribute $500 to KBOO Community Radio and $500 to the Oregon Cultural Trust, you will be eligible to take a $500 tax credit instead of just a tax deduction. To find out more.


Thank you for keeping KBOO strong by making a generous gift to KBOO today - on-line or by dropping by or mailing your gift to the station at 20 S.E. 8th, Portland, Oregon 97214.  

We can also now do secure monthly donations from your credit or debit card.  





Did you know KBOO has an Artist in Residence Program?   


The KBOO Community Radio Artist In Residence Program assists artists working creatively with sound. Every year, one artist or one collaborative group of artists will be awarded twenty hours of studio recording and production time with a KBOO Mixologist in order to create a piece of sound art that will be be publically presented at the end of the Residency.


The goals of the KBOO Artist Support Program are to support and invest in individuals who are pushing themselves artistically using sound, whose work will impact the cultural landscape of Portland, and to bring those artists into the dynamic KBOO community of local, national, and international artists and activists. Applications due February 13, 2015.


Our 2014 Artist in Residence Tessie Word created Convergence, a multi media installation featured at Civilian Studios until December 14th.  Convergence is an audio documentary and sonic art work that examines the historical, environmental, and sociological ramifications of living in an imminent ecological disaster area: the tsunami zones of the Oregon Coast near the mouth of the Columbia River. Through the use of phonographic recordings, radio transmissions, and original music, Convergence explores and interprets the cultural implications and the psychic terrain of daily life in the tsunami zone.


2015 Artist in Residence Applications are available at KBOO and ONLINE  

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Help KBOO shorten our drives - Donate to our sweepstakes fun packages!


Our Fall Drive in October was shorter by a full day due to the number of donors/members who responded to the pre-drive mailing and were entered into the sweepstakes for a trip to Bucerias, Mexico.


Now we are working on making some sweet gift packages to shorten our drives in 2015 - won't you help?

What we need:
  • Gift certificates for restaurants and stores
  • Overnight, weekend or week long stays at guest houses, vacation get-aways or hotels (anywhere, anytime!)
  • Are you a musician? Want to offer a house concert?
  • Passes to other fun stuff.

If you would like to offer a gift to help KBOO thrive and shorten the drives, call Sun at 503-231-8032, ext. 207 or mail that generous gift to the station at 20 SE 8th, Portland, Oregon 97214.  Thank you for helping us shorten the drives!

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Want to learn about volunteering at KBOO?  

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Co-Sponsored Events
December 12, 7:00pm - 9:30pm
The Oregon Labor Center - 3645 SE 32nd Ave, Portland, OR 97202 
Christmas Revels 2014
December18, 2014
7:30pm - 9:30pm
St. Mary's Academy, 1615 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

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