December 2012 - KBOOlletin 
Come to our Happy Hour Listening Tour 
open house

Come visit us this Wednesday between 4-6 pm during our 'Happy Hour Listening Tour.'

You can find us at 20 SE 8th Ave and when you do, there will be light refreshments, a Democracy Now! listening party, an opportunity to watch the final production of our volunteer-produced news cast as well as your chance to meet some morning public affairs hosts.  KBOO staff and board members will also be on hand to answer your questions and give you a tour.

KBOO is a 'community supporting' radio station, here to serve the under-served. We would be very excited to meet you.  Feel free to send this out to your mailing list or repost to your social media outlets. See you then!
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Collecting Those Last Fall Drive Dollar$  

Most of you have already sent in your payment for your Fall membership drive pledges and we're are ever so thankful for your follow through.

However there are a few dozen of you who haven't done so yet and we sent you a reminder notice last week, encouraging your prompt payment. 

This week we'll follow up with a quick phone call but you can surprise our phone callers and circumvent that whole process by sending us your payment today and telling them you've done so. 

Everyone will feel so much better knowing that you're a KBOO member.

And if you missed the membership drive, you can still (re)join KBOO anytime by making a contribution online.
Volunteer Spotlight - Linda Olson-Osterlund  linda olson-osterlund\

As host of A Deeper Look, Linda utilizes activism skills old and new to focus on many challenging social and political issues of our world today.

This profile of her explores the motivations behind her KBOO work, how she decided to become involved and the many projects on which she has worked in just six years at KBOO.  Links to past shows are found here.
Once in A BOO Moon - Saturday, Feb. 23rd 

blue moon
An eclectic mix of live music performed by various KBOO hosts from our weekday early morning folk shows, 'Music From The True Vine,' 'Swing & Country' and 'The Noontime Jamboree.' Tickets go on sale in January.

Programmer Spotlight - Don Merrill
KBOO Volunteer Don Merrill
KBOO Volunteer Don Merrill

Don Merrill is a relatively new KBOO volunteer and has been on air mostly as a news reporter. However, he's also taken it upon himself to do a web only show ("The Talk") where he interviews some of the more famous people who request air time, as well as community advocates, authors and anyone else with whom he feels like speaking!  We appreciate his willingness to jump into the studio with anyone and his ability to create interesting and insightful audio. Their interview is from October, 2012, conducted by Erin Yanke, Interim Program Director.

EY:  What brought you to KBOO?
DM:  I came to KBOO because I have always liked community based anything.  And from a very early age, microphones and TV cameras have fascinated me.  I spent years in military and civilian broadcasting around the country and the world.  And I also did a lot of audio and video freelancing in between.  Throw some newspaper work in there and a stint as a public affairs officer for a federal agency, and I got to the point where I was looking to return to something that was more fun than farce.  So far, it's been a good fit.

EY:  Why did you decide to focus on interviews?
DM:  I learned very early in my career that it isn't the complicated questions that get people talking, but the simple ones, like what do you care about, what scares you, what would you die for, who do you love?  And the answers sometimes sound similar but they are never the same.  Sometimes the answers people give me renew my faith in humanity.

Read the rest of the interview here.
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I should really update my KBOO membership today.
Get A Little Radio Active

But in a good way... by like joining one of KBOO's committees.  To join, you must be a current KBOO member and be interested in working cooperatively with others to better the radio station.

Interested in helping raise money for KBOO? Or maybe you just have some creative ideas about events or outreach/marketing. Why not try the Development Committee?  Their next meeting is next Monday, August 6th at 6pm.  Share your ideas and get involved.

Mobile News Producers Seek '99%ers'

Our News Department recently formed a mobile team of producers to capture 'Stories of the 99%,' that we will webcast. We're also exploring the possibility of creating space in our broadcast schedule for live community dialogue on the issue of economic disparity.  Updates at our website.
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So What's Your (KBOO) Story?

Were you ever a KBOO  host? Volunteer? Staff person? Board member? Are you a listener who first heard music or a public affairs program that changed your life? You probably have an inter-esting or maybe contro-versial KBOO story to share.

Now is your chance. The picture below is of Ern Hood, a founder of KBOO and one of the first hosts.

Click the image to 
share your story.

Listen to Ern's stories about how we got our infamous call letters. Then please complete and submit the Stories for the Vault form.

Soon thereafter, a KBOO representative will contact you to learn more about your story and schedule a recording session.


We will broadcast these stories and much more from our vast KBOO Vault, throughout 2013, as part of our 45th birthday events. 
To know more, email Lynn Fitch or call her at 503.231.8032 x222.

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