November 2012 - KBOOlletin 
Thank You for Your Support of KBOO
Amy Goodman with Conch Oct'12
KBOO Board President, S.W. Conser and
Democracy Now! Host Amy Goodman,
October 25th at the Bobwhite Theater in Portland.
A most grateful thank you for the tremendous community support we received for our recent benefit at the Bobwhite Theater featuring Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman. A loud and enthusiastic crowd filled the theater to capacity giving Amy and Denis Moynihan a most heartwarming Portland welcome. 
Additional thanks to those of you who contributed to our recently completed Fall membership drive.
And as always we greatly appreciate all of the volunteer and staff support offered for both of these very intensive events. None of this would have happened without that help.  Thanks volunteers!
Our Election Night Coverage

Tuesday November 6th from 5:30 - 10pm, KBOO will bring you live vote button coverage of local and national election results. We will intersperse our live local coverage with national reporting from Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! and will bring you up-to-the-minute results on presidential, state and local elections. We'll also report on local ballot measures and some in other states: the death penalty in California, marijuana legalization in Washington, and gay marriage measures in four states, including others.

KBOO's Election Guide provides easy access to coverage of national and local campaigns, voter disenfranchisement, a description of Oregon ballot measures, a list of who's for and against each, and links to audio reports. 
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Get Tickets Now for KBOO Blazers Night
logo pdx trail blazers Join the Portland Trail Blazers for an evening of exciting basketball action at this year's KBOO Community Radio Night. Don't miss this unique opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled night with your KBOO Community Radio family when Trail Blazers take on the Golden State Warriors for the last game of the regular season next April.

After the game you could have a chance to shoot free throws and take pictures on the court! KBOO will also receive a portion of the sales from each ticket purchased through this event. Order here; password=KBOO.
Supportland Powers KBOO's New  Membership Cards

Starting this month, we will begin sending all KBOO members brand new magnetic swipe membership cards allowing them full access to local business discounts and other offers at local merchants.

We're very excited about this new partnership with Supportland, which enables our members to receive member benefits at more than twice the previous number of businesses when KBOO ran it's own benefit program.

Start or renew your membership today to take full advantage.

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Get A Little Radio Active

But in a good way... by like joining one of KBOO's committees.  To join, you must be a current KBOO member and be interested in working cooperatively with others to better the radio station.

Interested in helping raise money for KBOO? Or maybe you just have some creative ideas about events or outreach/marketing. Why not try the Development Committee?  Their next meeting is next Monday, November 5th at 6pm.  Share your ideas and get involved.

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