October 2012 - KBOOlletin 
Time for our BIG Membership Drive

October is always a very exciting month at the radio station. And we intend to make this one particularly so with our semiannual on-air party.

From October 4th - 20th, we will ask listeners to take a little responsibility for keeping KBOO on the air and help us reach our goal of $120,000.

Thanks to consistent listener-member support, KBOO celebrates 45 years of community service next year. Member support allows us the true freedom to operate without ever being concerned about monied influence.

So thank you members! 

As with every drive, we are making extra effort to produce a lot of great radio to highlight just how special and important KBOO is.

Why just Thursday alone, you could:
hear multiple Project Censored award recipient, investigative journalist Greg Palast (8-9 am) author of the new Billionaires and Ballot Bandits:  How To Steal An Election in 9 Easy Steps, which debuted Tuesday at #10 on the New York Times Nonfiction Paperback Bestsellers list and;

AM News & Public Affairs Director Kathleen Stephenson interview naturalist and author, Terry Tempest Williams. A fierce free speech advocate Williams discusses her new book When Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice, a lyrical and caring meditation on the mystery of her mother's journal and what it means to have a voice. Then

party at our first drive launch remote broadcast as Shocks of Sheba create their show (Noon-4 pm) live from Fire on the Mountain (3443 NE 57th Ave). The 'Shocks of Sheba' IPA on-site was inspired by this long-running KBOO show. After that, head downtown to;

attend the only Portland screening of Radio Unnameable, which is about WBAI radio in New York City - one of the nation's first freeform radio stations, with overnight DJ Bob Fass and his show "Radio Unnameable" which pioneered a conversational, community-focused ethos. Get your tickets when you start or renew your KBOO membership Thursday.

During just the drive's first week (or so) we'll also present:
our umpteenth (look it up) Grateful Dead Marathon;

not one, but TWO
John Lennon specials;

the story of the betrayal of the American Dream;

whether your prescriptions might kill you;

an hour per weeknight from the  KBOO Audio Archive featuring in part, John Trudell, Margaret Mead, Dick Gregory, Stokeley Carmichael, Susan Faludi, Paul Robeson, Ernest Callenbach plus many others;

Arundhati Roy, winner of the prestigious Booker Prize and the celebrated author of "The God of Small Things" plus numerous other titles;

live performances by PDX POP NOW! artists Josh and Mer, WL, Charts,
New Pioneers, Like a Villain and XDS.

about 15 hours of our spectacular News & Public Affairs Day.

Bookmark this page to easily schedule your listening.

And remember to click, tap, call or stop on by during the drive to make your contribution to Portland's oldest and most diverse community radio station.
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Supportland Powers KBOO's New  Membership Cards

Starting this month, we will begin sending all KBOO members brand new magnetic swipe membership cards allowing them full access to local business discounts and other offers at local merchants.

We're very excited about this new partnership with Supportland, which enables our members to receive member benefits at more than twice the previous number of businesses when KBOO ran it's own benefit program.

Start or renew your membership today to take full advantage.
Listening to Recent KBOO Shows Online
Ever miss your favorite show? Or just wonder what happens on KBOO after you've gone to bed? Well wonder no longer dear readers!

A major project, long in the making, has been made ready for you. It's our automatic live archiving system, which captures our live broadcast and uploads the audio to our website into the episode listing for each show .

Now KBOO produced news, public affairs and radio theater programming is permanently archived on the KBOO website. However a KBOO music program can only be archived for 14 days AND they are stored in 5-hour increments (thank you Digital Millennium Copyright Act). We may not record syndicated shows (Democracy Now!, Flashpoints, Alternative Radio, Counterspin, Hard Knock Radio) but they have online listening too.

So how do you locate the KBOO audio you want? Just three simple steps.

1. Click KBOO Schedule and navigate to the date and time of the show.
2. Click the program name.
3. Launch the audio player.

Don't know the date of the show you want? Find the program and then scroll through their archive until you can figure it out.  Go check it out.

Advertise at KBOO.fm


The fairly new KBOO online advertising program is really taking off.

With nearly 100,000 loads every month, KBOO.fm allows you to reach the KBOO community online with your eye-catching web ad. And because your ad loads across all pages in the KBOO domain, your work will be aligned with KBOO's progressive values whether they're searching for hiphop or hillbilly, feminist or folk.

KBOO.fm advertising and program underwriting: A sound promotional strategy. Contact Justin Miller, KBOO's Underwriting Coordinator to get started.  Your clients are listening.
Get A Little Radio Active

But in a good way... by like joining one of KBOO's committees.  To join, you must be a current KBOO member and be interested in working cooperatively with others to better the radio station.

Interested in helping raise money for KBOO? Or maybe you just have some creative ideas about events or outreach/marketing. Why not try the Development Committee?  Their next meeting is next Monday, August 6th at 6pm.  Share your ideas and get involved.

Mobile News Producers Seek '99%ers'

Our News Department recently formed a mobile team of producers to capture 'Stories of the 99%,' that we will webcast. We're also exploring the possibility of creating space in our broadcast schedule for live community dialogue on the issue of economic disparity.  Updates at our website.

Amy Goodman Democracy Now! Host in Portland

Thursday, October 25th

Historic Bobwhite Theatre

6423 SE Foster Rd

Public talk / book signing

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Promote Yourself!

When you underwrite KBOO programs, you get your message out to the area's 50,000 most diverse and progressive radio audience. Discover what KBOO underwriting can do for your business.

When you support the KBOO Underwriters, tell them we sent you.
I should really update my KBOO membership today.
So What's Your (KBOO) Story?

Were you ever a KBOO  host? Volunteer? Staff person? Board member? Are you a listener who first heard music or a public affairs program that changed your life? You probably have an inter-esting or maybe contro-versial KBOO story to share.

Now is your chance. The picture below is of Ern Hood, a founder of KBOO and one of the first hosts.

Click the image to 
share your story.

Listen to Ern's stories about how we got our infamous call letters. Then please complete and submit the Stories for the Vault form.
Soon thereafter, a KBOO representative will contact you to learn more about your story and schedule a recording session.


We will broadcast these stories and much more from our vast KBOO Vault, throughout 2013, as part of our 45th birthday events. 
To know more, email Lynn Fitch or call her at 503.231.8032 x222.



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