September 2012 - KBOOlletin 
YWCA Camp Westwind in the City Visits

YWCA Camp Westwind visits us.
YWCA Camp Westwind youth at KBOO.
With school summer vacations fading, the number of youth taking field trips to KBOO increases. Our most recent group was from the YWCA's Camp Westwind in the City. A dozen or so kids came to our studios and really enjoyed learning a bit about producing radio. They then recorded a really great promo Westwind kids1 announcement for an important benefit for Harry Strong, plus some KBOO ID spots. Harry is only 5 years old and on July 19th he and his 18-month old sister were hit by a car (while on the sidewalk!) by a driver at SE 72nd and Flavel. He sustained significant injuries including a traumatic brain injury.  More about Harry.

* This newsletter's subject line 'Are we gonna make any money on this?' was a question asked by one the YWCA youth after they produced their radio spots.
KBOO Annual Meeting September 15th
KBOO members elect 4 new board members every year at our annual meeting. This year the meeting is on Sept. 15 in the Community Room upstairs at People's Food Coop, 3029 SE 21st Ave in Portland. 
The meeting will be from 11a - 2p. Ballots are due at noon sharp. 
We mailed ballots to all current members about a month ago. Please read the ballot and vote; it is important. The Postal Service has returned many ballots because the member/s moved.  If you think this might include you, please get in touch so we can issue you another ballot. We also aim to mail ballots to all new and previously lapsed but now renewing members, since the initial mailing, though at a certain point we can't mail them and expect you to mail them back in time. So picking up a ballot is also possible. Again, just please get in touch.
Start or renew your KBOO membership to vote this year. You can even pick up a valid ballot and vote right at the annual meeting.
August 7th and 8th, we hosted two KBOO board candidate forums for candidates to answer questions. Listen here (7th/8th). THEN VOTE! 
YAY!  It's Our New Live Archiving System
Ever miss your favorite show? Or just wonder what happens on KBOO after you've gone to bed? Well wonder no longer dear readers!

A major project, long in the making, has been made ready for you. It's our automatic live archiving system, which captures our live broadcast and uploads the audio to our website into the episode listing for each show .

Now KBOO produced news, public affairs and radio theater programming is permanently archived on the KBOO website. However a KBOO music program can only be archived for 14 days AND they are stored in 5-hour increments (thank you Digital Millennium Copyright Act). We may not record syndicated shows (Democracy Now!, Flashpoints, Alternative Radio, Counterspin, Hard Knock Radio) but they have online listening too.

So how do you locate the KBOO audio you want? Just three simple steps.

1. Click KBOO Schedule and navigate to the date and time of the show.
2. Click the program name.
3. Launch the audio player.

Don't know the date of the show you want? Find the program and then scroll through their archive until you can figure it out.  Go check it out.
I should really update my KBOO membership today.
Palast latest book
Greg Palast in Portland for KBOO Benefit

Greg is a no-nonsense investigative journalist. And if you've never heard, seen or read his work, then it's about time. Plus he has a brand new book.

After two decades as a top government investigator of corporate fraud, Palast turned his efforts toward journalism. Best known in the USA as the journalist who, for the Observer (UK), broke the story of how Jeb Bush purged thousands of Black Florida citizens from voter rolls before the 2000 election, handing the White House to his brother George. Palast's reports on the theft of the 2000 and 2004 US elections, the spike of the FBI investigations of the bin Ladens before September 11, the secret State Department documents planning the seizure of Iraq's oil fields have won him a record six Project Censored awards for reporting the news American media doesn't want you to hear. But as the Asia Times has noted, "The top investigative journalist in the United States is persona non grata in his own country's media."  Come see Greg in this benefit for KBOO Radio.

Greg Palast - How to Steal An Election 
September 26 - 7:30 pm

Clinton Street Theater 
SE 26th and Clinton St., Portland
Limited Seating - Get Your Tickets  
Fall Membership Drive Arrives in October

Listener-members keep KBOO on the air and allow us the true freedom to operate to serve the community without ever being concerned about monied influence.  Thank you members!

Our on-air drives are vital member-gathering campaigns and with the next one we're going to continue our experimentation to make them both more exciting to listen to and work within.  And YOU can be a drive volunteer.

Volunteering at KBOO is a really great way to meet new and interesting people (especially during the drives), be involved in community and learn new skills, all while helping your favorite community radio station.

A bit of what we're working on for the drive looks like this:
-  Shocks of Sheba takes the party off-site
- mid-weekday music specials featuring PDX POP NOW! and Waterfront Blues Festival artists,
- our umpteenth (look it up) Grateful Dead Marathon,
- 15 hours (maybe) for our spectacular News & Public Affairs Day
- an hour from the KBOO Archive each weekday evening

Check our website for updates; we'll send you a full schedule next month. 
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Have You Seen This Woman?

Lynn Fitch away from the office.
When Lynn Fitch is not working in her lush North Portland garden (hat), she is wearing two other hats at KBOO - Development Director and also Interim Station Manager. Some key tasks she will work on in the coming months are organizational oversight and coordination, creating a long-term management plan, our overall outreach and marketing efforts, cultivating new partner-ships, implementing our strategic plan and leading an ambitious fundraising plan to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of KBOO Radio. 
Lynn will work to empower, inspire and lead KBOO's staff, programmers, other volunteers and the entire community, as we together embrace change and step boldly into the future.

She wants to hear from you - so drop, place a call or send an email and introduce your self. She may even have squash to share...

Advertise at KBOO.fm


The fairly new KBOO online advertising program is really taking off.

With nearly 100,000 loads every month, KBOO.fm allows you to reach the KBOO community online with your eye-catching web ad. And because your ad loads across all pages in the KBOO domain, your work will be aligned with KBOO's progressive values whether they're searching for hiphop or hillbilly, feminist or folk.

KBOO.fm advertising and program underwriting: A sound promotional strategy. Contact Justin Miller, KBOO's Underwriting Coordinator to get started.  Your clients are listening.
Get A Little Radio Active

But in a good way... by like joining one of KBOO's committees.  To join, you must be a current KBOO member and be interested in working cooperatively with others to better the radio station.

Interested in helping raise money for KBOO? Or maybe you just have some creative ideas about events or outreach/marketing. Why not try the Development Committee?  Their next meeting is next Monday, August 6th at 6pm.  Share your ideas and get involved.

Mobile News Producers Seek '99%ers'

Our News Department recently formed a mobile team of producers to capture 'Stories of the 99%,' that we will webcast. We're also exploring the possibility of creating space in our broadcast schedule for live community dialogue on the issue of economic disparity.  Updates at our website.
What Else Is Here?
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Did You Miss It?

Nope, follow to audio.

- Process Work Institute
- Discrimination (1,2,3)
- Fluoride? Really? (1,2,3)
- Fierce Medicine
- Whatever's on NOW

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Amy Goodman Democracy Now! Host in Portland

Thursday, October 25th

Historic Bobwhite Theatre

Public talk / book signing

VIP reception
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When you underwrite KBOO programs, you get your message out to the area's 50,000 most diverse and progressive radio audience. Discover what KBOO underwriting can do for your business.

When you support the KBOO Underwriters, tell them we sent you.
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So What's Your (KBOO) Story?

Were you ever a KBOO  host? Volunteer? Staff person? Board member? Are you a listener who first heard music or a public affairs program that changed your life? You probably have an inter-esting or maybe contro-versial KBOO story to share.

Now is your chance. The picture below is of Ern Hood, a founder of KBOO and one of the first hosts.

Click the image to 
share your story.

Listen to Ern's stories about how we got our infamous call letters. Then please complete and submit the Stories for the Vault form.

Soon thereafter, a KBOO representative will contact you to learn more about your story and schedule a recording session.


We will broadcast these stories and much more from our vast KBOO Vault, throughout 2013, as part of our 45th birthday events. 
To know more, email Lynn Fitch or call her at 503.231.8032 x222.



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