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Feature Project


Oceanside Animal Hospital

  Oceanside Vet Clinic


 Dr. Corey Blake had worked for a number of Veterinary clinics over the past ten years before she decided to begin her own practice. Having grown up in Sandwich, Ma, it seemed like a logical place to launch her new business. The perfect location was found but was far from move in ready and would need some serious renovations.


We collaborated closely with Dr. Blake, her Veterinary consultants and Architect Jennifer Drain to work out all of the details of the remodel to ensure the space was well laid out and equipped to service her patients and give them the best level of care. Specifically Dr.Blake wanted to incorporate an open,  radial floor plan that allowed for maximum visibility of all areas from most vantage points in the hospital.  Hallways were kept to a minimum to maximize usable space and glass vision panels were installed to increase visibility as planned. 


Eric was able to advise Dr. Blake on her options to stay within her budget and accomplish all of her objectives for the project.


Here is what the client had to say about their finished project: 



Dr. Corey Blake
Dr. Corey Blake
 " Working with the group at Thorson Restoration was an excellent experience.  I felt well informed of the timeline, progress of the project, and am extremely happy with the finished product.  


Eric worked closely with our architect Jennifer Drain and together they were able to create a space that exceeds our expectations.  Eric and his team did an amazing job in a short time frame and I was very impressed with the coordination of subcontractors and attention to detail that the whole team showed.  


I am thrilled to be in the new hospital and to be able to provide high quality medicine in such a functional and beautiful setting.  We constantly get compliments on the hospital and the design.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Thorson Restoration to anyone in need of construction assistance." 


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Houzz Inspires


Houzz website


Anyone looking to remodel, redecorate or refresh their home should definitely make a stop on Houzz.com first. 


 What is Houzz?

 Houzz.com is the leading online platform for home remodeling and design.  With the largest residential design database in the world Houzz is the easiest way for people to get the design inspiration, project advice, product information and professional connections they need to help turn ideas into reality.


Why we like it...

Houzz.com is a valuable planning tool for our clients. It helps them find inspiration, product information and be able to organize and share that information with us at critical points in the remodeling process. To see how Houzz can help in planning your next project CLICK HERE!


How you can use it...

Search hundreds of thousands of photos to get the specific image you need to inspire you.  


Sort the images by region if you want to see what products & finishes are trending in your area. 


Collect those images and any images from the web in your own custom idea book. CLICK HERE to see a sample idea book.


Share your ideas and notes with your design & building professionals for enhanced communication & a more accurate bidding process.


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What's the Cost?



 If you are trying to budget for your latest remodel but have no idea what a project like yours will cost, you are not alone.

Cost is likely one of the most thought about aspects of a remodel. It also happens to be one of the most common driving factors of a remodel as well, it can sometimes determine the scale of the remodel, the type of finishes and even when you will be able to begin your remodel. Determining the cost is a big part of the planning phase and needs to be done early on. 
Every year Remodeling Magazine publishes the Cost vs. Value Report that compiles a list of the 35 most popular remodeling projects, their average costs and what you can expect to get as a return on your investment upon the sale of your home. Results are separated by project & region and can be compared to national averages as well. You can even see what the "high end" version of the project would cost, being that cost varies dependent upon the type of finishes and quality of materials used.
The 2013 Cost vs. Value Report is out and ready for viewing! Use this valuable tool before your next remodel, to help determine your budget and decide if the project you are considering is going to give you the increased home value you were hoping for. 

Staff & Family Updates


Nathan Thorson Swims his way to Districts


Nathan Swimming 

Nathan qualified for 7 events in his latest swim season and is on his way to compete in the Eastern Massachusetts District event. He will be swimming 3 events of his choice in addition to participating in one team relay event. 


We wish Nathan all the Best at Districts!



Andrew Thorson Referees for a cause 

  Andrew Thorson Refs

Andrew was recently certified through the U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program to referee for Local Youth Soccer. He has been working at the Bridgewater Sports Complex and recently volunteered to Referee for the 5th Annual 3 vs. 3 "A Wish Come True Jamboree" to be held at the Bridgewater Sports Complex on Monday January 21st. All proceeds for the event will go to benefit  A Wish Come True, Inc. 



 Jared turns 27!


Jared & Christina

Carpenter Jared McCartney just celebrated his 27th Birthday on the 18th of this month and after a year of being in his new home he is learning that owning a home means having an almost endless to do list. Jared enjoys hunting and has already harvested his first deer of the season! He and his Fiance Christina are looking forward to visiting some of Jared's family in Chicago this coming March.