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The Scaling Sullivan

True Confessions
Welcome to the March edition of the Heartland Glass Newsletter.
I am sure you have heard the expression practice what you preach? Well I am here to confess that on a recent business trip I had the opportunity to attend a social/networking event at an amusement park for the conference I was attending. One of the activities we were able to participate in was the climbing wall.

As I watched a couple of people attempt to scale the wall, it looked pretty easy to me so I ponied up to the attendant and put on the safety harness. I was a little concerned about the shoes I was wearing (excuse #1) which were a pair of slip on canvas shoes but I managed to start the climb fairly easy. As I grew more confident, the speed of my ascent increased (excuse #2) up the wall, even glancing around to catch the view. Nearing the top, I focused on the bell at the top of the wall which you ring before descending down. Here is where things started to go wrong. You see I was so focused on that bell that I didn't plan my next sequence of moves correctly (excuse #3). 

I looked up at my next peg I needed to reach for and didn't realize until I was fully extended on the tip of my big toe on my right foot that I wasn't going to make it. When I reached out with my left hand to grab the peg -- I came up short. It was too late for plan B as gravity was taking over...luckily my safety harness caught me as I fell and I was able to lower myself to the ground.

The attendant asked if I would like to try again but my pride was hurt and I was off to the bumper boats where I could take out my frustrations. Note to staff: I truly was attending a conference with long days in a room without windows...in Palm Springs :)

My failure on the climbing wall was a result of me "plowing ahead" without a true plan. Often we see the difference between success and failure is a result of the planning (or lack thereof) that went into making the decision. One of the teaching points that I stress to our team members is to think through their planning steps and anticipate the affect their decision will have on the next course of action. Keeping the end goal in mind is important, but don't let that be the overriding factor that allows you to lose focus. It could make the difference in whether you get the opportunity to "ring the bell" or not!
Sullivan's Shamrock Shufflers
Well as I wrap up this letter to you, it wouldn't be right not to acknowledge that spring is in the air and a sure sign of spring every year for me is the Shamrock Shuffle 5k/10K run in Sauk Rapids. I have participated in this event the last handful of years and even coaxed a few friends to join in the fun. With my move to Blaine I wasn't sure I was going to make the trip up but was glad I did thanks to those friends!

I hope you and your family celebrated St. Patrick's Day and spring in your own special way.

Thank you for reading! As always, we wish you continued success and many blessings.

~ Bill Sullivan
President/CEO, Heartland Glass
Executive Vice President, Brin Northwestern 


Polishing off spring projects

Rooftop view from the sky-high UND "Robin Hall" Aerospace building.
 One of our most extensive winter/spring projects is coming together nicely. The University of North Dakota "Robin Hall" building, part of the UND Aerospace Foundation and the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, is looking amazing - especially from this view!   
The height challenge doesn't seem to bother our guys as they steadily make progress on the
12 1/2 story curtainwall tower enclosed on all sides by a Tubelight system.
Ground view from the UND "Robin Hall" Aerospace building.
 A Wasco Pinnacle sloping skylight system was also installed by Brin Contract Glazing.
There are 17,500 pounds of steel reinforcement throughout the curtainwalls and 11,261 square feet of exterior insulated glass.

Heartland employee of the month and relative newcomer to the glass industry, Matt Dieser, has been a busy guy working on two auto dealership projects, St. Cloud Subaru and Heartland Chevrolet in Morris, MN. "I dealt with great contractors on both jobs , one of which gave me a 'welcome to the industry' gift at the end of the project that is currently hanging in my office," Matt said, "I worked with Bart from Winkelman Construction on St. Cloud Subaru and Seth with Rice Lake Construction on Heartland Chevrolet."
Heartland Chevrolet, Morris, MN
Both of these projects used store front Tubelite 14000 series clear glass.

"St. Cloud Subaru took longer to complete because it was a remodel versus new construction like Heartland Chevrolet," Matt said, "I'd say St. Cloud Subaru was about 3-4 months from start to finish and Heartland Chevrolet took 2-3 months from measurement to installation."?
"St. Cloud Subaru was challenging because my initial wall depth expanded about 15 inches in some areas," Matt said, "I definitely got to come up with some creative solutions to problems there."
St. Cloud Subaru, formerly the Toys R Us location.
As for Heartland Chevrolet, that job went fairly smooth except for when a glass unit was broken and needed to be replaced. "I was trying to coordinate with other jobs to get glass brought out but that was difficult considering the Heartland Chevrolet job was almost 2 hours away," Matt said, "I had a lot of drive time on this job. Distance was my largest obstacle." Coordinating a lift at Heartland Chevrolet was also a challenge.
"Overall, I am very happy with my job," Matt said, "Everyone I work with at Heartland Glass is very willing to help me out. I look forward to the new projects and relationships I will make in the future working for Heartland Glass!"

March Featured Employees, 
 Matt Dieser and Dan Winters

Matt Dieser

Project Manager

Heartland Glass is very happy to honor Matt Dieser and Dan Winters as our Employees of the Month for March.
Project manager Matt Dieser has been with our team for about nine months now and has been busy with many new projects including two featured in this month's newsletter, St. Cloud Subaru and Heartland Chevrolet.  
"Watching a building go from a hole in the ground to its finished design is the best part of my job," Matt said.
Matt grew up in Rochester, MN and attended Kasson-Mantorville High School. He went on to attend Rochester Community & Technical College where he earned his Carpentry Certificate and later attended MNSU - Mankato where he majored in Construction Management and minored in business.
"All of my projects have been a challenge, but that's what I like about my job," Matt said, "I never have a duplicate day, or know what the next day may bring. For instance, the St. Cloud Subaru architectural wall specs look nothing like the original plans which made that project very interesting," Matt said. "The original sills were 2 inches deep and the finished walls are 12 inches deep. We figure it out."
 You can reach Matt at: mdieser@heartlandglass.com.

Dan Winters and family.

Our second employee of the month, Dan Winters, just had a party in his honor. It wasn't to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary, it was to celebrate his strength. A benefit was held for Dan to help him and his family as they cope with Dan's illness that has kept him out of work for some time now.

"Saturday was an unbelievable success, better than anyone could have imagined," Dan's daughter Kristan said, "We had an approximate count of 600 people throughout the day."
"A lot of Heartland and Brin employees showed up to support Dan," said Jessica Hanson, Heartland employee and Winters family friend. "There were also some past employees that came and a few familiar faces from the glaziers union office."
"The biggest highlight of the day was that Dan was able to be there along with his wife Linda and their children," Jessica said, "The lineup of people to see him was crazy.  I think people were waiting for quite some time to be able to say hi or give him a hug. I heard some people had to park several blocks away."
"As a Heartland employee and someone who worked very closely with this benefit, I was very proud of our team," Jessica said, "We all showed up either in person or through donations to support a great man."
"Dan was very happy to spend the evening with his guys!" Jessica said, "Dan is a huge role model to some of these guys-probably most of them.  I know it meant a lot to them to be able to hang out with Dan for a while." 
"The employees at Heartland and Brin Glass have been so unbelievably helpful, generous, supportive and loving to our whole family," Kristan said, "From the kind words to the generous donations and the tears shed on Saturday make my family & I speechless.  My dad's exact words were 'I've never seen anything like it.'."
You can reach Dan at: dwinters@heartlandglass.com.

Thank you to our committee members and volunteers:
Heather Pavlas
Angie Marty
Barb Reber
Lois Bennek
Amanda Warhol
Jessica Hanson
Rose Malikowski
Luke Pavlas
Ravi Hanson
Nick Warhol
Dan Sjodin
Dana Karjalahti
Chad Roberts
Joe Thackeray
Bob & Deb Mccann
Jon Pelach
Bill Bennek
Barb Coles
Jack Coles
Lonnie Malikowski
Diane Krtnick
Randy Moen
Chuck Daws
John Reber
Patti Rowert
Troy Eberhardt
Katie Kell

H Window Logo
Simply stunning, ultra-efficient, custom-crafted;
Soo Line Depot
Soo Line Depot Ashland , WI.
Photo provided by H-window.
 Heartland Glass is proud to be an H-window product distributor. "The ideal application for H-window products are upscale homes, high-end apartment/condo buildings or upscale office buildings," said Garrity Gerber, Heartland project manager.  "Their uniqueness comes from their operating sash, which operates like an awning, but will flip completely around for cleaning.  They can do some really large operators that increase air flow.  H-window just released a large lift-and-slide sliding door and the company really excels at out-of-the-ordinary projects with custom woods such as mahogany and cedar."

The Soo Line Depot in Ashland, WI features H-window custom designed awning style windows to simulate the historically correct double hung window.  The exterior finish is Hartford Green powder coat paint, the interior wood species is oak and the glass type is 1" OA Low E Insulated.

The Scharrs Bluff Gathering Center near Hastings, MN was designed to respond to changes in the weather. The eyebrow shading over the windows blocks direct summer sun while permitting winter sunlight. The motor operated windows are linked to the HVAC system and allow breezes to cool or warm the building throughout the year. Windows open and close automatically in order to provide cross ventilation. On hot days the shades automatically close to reduce cooling loads.
The glass type is 1" OA Insulated with Solarban 60.
The exterior finish is a custom jet black paint. 
*Photo provided by H-window.

H-window is also a premium door maker. To learn about the H Window triple pane Nordic Lift and Slide Patio Door, click on the link below:

If new windows or doors from H-window are on your wish list for your new executive home or commercial project, contact Garrity at ggerber@heartlandglass.com.
H-window is just another great reason Heartland Glass can provide unique, quality solutions for our clients.
H Window Logo




Wishing you a blessed



~ All of us at Heartland Glass






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