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October 21, 2014  Vol. 4 - Issue 44    

Hello CRC Community,

Jonathan London

CRC Director

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Regional Opportunity Index
CRC Spotlight 

CRC to Present Mapping Tools at the UC Center Sacramento

CRC Director Jonathan London, Ph.D., Dr. Chris Benner and Dr. Nancy Erbstein, all from the Department of Human Ecology at UC Davis, will be presenting two data mapping tools, the Regional Opportunity Index  and  Putting Youth On the Map, that help identify and direct investment to disadvantaged communities. This presentation will introduce these tools to leaders in public policy, planning, business, and advocacy sectors, and will also highlight how they can use them to inform and inspire their work. The presentation will take place on October 23 from 12-1 pm at 1130 K Street (Room LL3) at UC Center Sacramento.  Registration is required, lunch will be served.


Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) Rural Housing Summit

Dr. Chris Benner, UCD Department of Human Ecology and faculty affiliate of the CRC, will be speaking at the FRB Rural Housing Summit in Pacific Grove. This summit brings together housing professionals and advocates examining key policy and program issues, along with developing an action plan to improve the living conditions of low-income and rural Californians during the upcoming year and beyond. This year's summit will formulate an action plan for rural housing providers and advocates in 2014-15. The summit will take place on October 24 from 8am-12:30pm.


CCEP on Capital Public Radio and KCRA News

Mindy Romero, Director of the CRC's California Civic Engagement Project (CCEP), was interviewed on Capital Public Radio's Insight with Beth Ruyak. Mindy discussed new research on California's changing political landscape.  To listen to the discussion, click here. Mindy also explained issues surrounding vote-by-mail ballots when featured as an expert on California voting matters during a live segment on KCRA news.



For the latest on the CCEP's research, follow Mindy Romero on Twitter @MindySRomero.

Recent Reports, Research, and Resources

A New Approach to Engaging High-Poverty Communities

 Bay Area Regional Housing Investment and Development Group and San Francisco State University's Health Equity Institute recently published a paper, "Trauma-Informed Community Building." This paper is one of several recently-published pieces on the cumulative impact of stress, violence, and poverty on human brain development and functioning. This applied research on the human brain may hold the key to understanding why programs and services alone may not always be enough to help residents achieve stability and self-sufficiency. For more information, click here.


Environmental Planning Professional Classes

UC Davis Extension is hosting a two-day workshop in Sacramento that will provide an overview of knowledge and skills important to a successful career in various fields of environmental planning in both the public and private sectors. This course is valuable to individuals starting their environmental career and those already employed and seeking advancement. For more information, click here.


Graduate Student Research Fellowships

The Center for Poverty Research is seeking applications from affiliated faculty researchers interested in hiring a graduate student researcher for winter 2015 and/or spring 2015. The Center for Poverty Research seeks proposals from affiliates conducting research related to their core research areas. For more information, click here. Deadline: November 7


Smart Growth America Workshops

Smart Growth America is hosting free technical assistance workshops in 2015. The program helps communities grow in ways that benefit residents and businesses while protecting the environment. Click here for more information about the types of workshops available and information about how to apply. Deadline: October 23


Upcoming Events

Urban Habitat Panel on Renters Rights

Urban Habitat is hosting an interactive panel discussion that explores community mobilization strategies across diverse and geographically fragmented communities, and will focus on the needs of renters.

Date: October 22
Time: 6pm-8pm

Place: East Bay Community Foundation, 353 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA

The event is free, click here  to register.


Strategic Growth Council Workshops

The Strategic Growth Council will be hosting three workshops for the development of the Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program guidelines. These workshops will take place on three days; October 24 (Oroville), October 29 (Bakersfield), and October 30 (Watsonville). For more information on the workshops, click here.


San Joaquin Valley Affordable Housing Summit

The San Joaquin Valley Affordable Housing Summit will bring together professionals from around the state to Stockton, California to bolster political advocacy for affordable housing in the San Joaquin Valley; to educate and empower each other on challenges and opportunities we face as a region; and to build traction for the San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative.  The discussions will be organized around coordinating diverse aspects of community development into the concept and creation of affordable housing.

Date: November 13
Time: 9am-4pm
Place: University of the Pacific (Grace Covell Hall), 720 Presidents Drive Stockton, CA


The Abundant Community 2014 Regional Conference

John McKnight, founder of the Community Development Institute  at Northwestern University will be presenting, "Building Resilient Communities to Face the Dramatically Changing Circumstances of the San Joaquin Valley." Community leaders will engage in learning and applying skills to meet the challenges in cities and rural communities of increasing capacities to address the impact of major environmental, economic, social, natural and financial resources.

Date: October 30

Time: 8:30am-4pm

Place: Fresno Convention Center (New Exhibit Hall), 700 M Street Fresno, CA 93721

Registration is required. Breakfast and lunch will be included.


Job/Internship Opportunities 

Rhodes University Seeks Applications in Environmental Science

Applications are invited for several positions with the Chair of the  Department of Environmental Science at Rhodes University.  The positions are ideal for social, economic and natural scientists interested in research on the use, trade and management of biological natural resources. Deadline: October 24


Executive Director Position

The Providence-based Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island is seeking an Executive Director. It's a full-time position, 35-40 hours a week. Some responsibilities will include: fundraising and development (including grant writing), cultivating donors, coordinating fundraising events and running successful annual appeal campaigns. For more information and to apply, click here.


About The UC Davis Center for Regional Change

Launched in 2007, the CRC is a catalyst for innovative, collaborative, and action-oriented research. It brings together faculty and students from different disciplines, and builds bridges between university, policy, advocacy, business, philanthropy and other sectors.  The CRC's goal is to support the building of healthy, equitable, prosperous, and sustainable regions in California and beyond.  


Learn more! Visit the CRC website. To contact us directly, email or  call us at (530) 752-3007.