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August 13, 2014  Vol. 4 - Issue 35   

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Jonathan London

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Emphasis on Environmental Justice
Environmental and Equitable Education
Recent Reports, Research, and Revelations
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CRC in the News

Sac Bee Op-ed on Women's Vote

Mindy Romero, Director of the CRC's California Civic Engagement Project, wrote an op-ed published in Sunday's Sacramento Bee.  Mindy discusses how the widening gender gap among California's voters is changing the way our political system engages and reaches out to women; single women and women of color, in particular. 


For the latest on the CCEP's research, follow Mindy Romero on Twitter @MindySRomero.

 Emphasis on Environmental Justice

Strategic Growth Council Kicks off the Cap-and-Trade Program

California's Strategic Growth Council (SGC) took its first official action on the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program created in this year's budget. The SGC voted to adopt an amended version of the original staff recommendation which includes clear articulation of SGC as the leadership body, and would divide the program into two parts: an agricultural preservation piece and an integrated housing, transit/active transportation piece.  For more information and  to view a schedule of stakeholder meetings throughout California that are open to the public. Due to space limitations, registration is required in advance.  


 Environmental and Equitable Education

UCD Graduate Course in Poverty and Public Policy

A new interdisciplinary course offered by the Center for Poverty Research will provide background on poverty statistics, theories, and evidence on the causes and consequences of poverty, and the history and efficacy of major anti-poverty programs in the United States. Course content will include both qualitative and quantitative aspects of poverty-related research. The primary instructor will be economics professor and Center co-director Marianne Page, but the course will also include a variety of interdisciplinary guest lecturers by UCD faculty affiliated with other departments, and invited speakers from outside the university. More information on the class can be found here.

EPA Video Training Courses on Risk Assessment

The Environmental Protection Agency has ten new video training modules available on the fundamental principles of the air toxics risk assessment process and the basic tools needed to perform these analyses. The total course is approximately four hours and can be found here.


 Recent Reports, Research, and Revelations

Poor People with Diabetes Ten Times Likelier to Lose a Limb

A new UCLA study demonstrates that California diabetics who live in low-income neighborhoods are up to ten times more likely to lose a toe, foot or leg than patients residing in more affluent areas of the state. The authors used data from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research's California Health Interview Survey, which estimated the prevalence of diabetes among low-income populations by ZIP code. They blended these statistics with household-income figures and hospital discharge data that tracked diabetes-related amputations by ZIP code. The result was a detailed set of maps showing diabetic amputation rates by neighborhood for patients 45 and older. The study offers an important reflection on the power of data mapping and its use in diabetes prevention. To read the full study, click here.


Regionally-Relevant Events

Community Development for Federal Reserve Bank of SF

Proximity to and availability of restaurants, shops, personal services and entertainment venues are amenities that residents look for. Too often, the commercial districts that are in proximity to low-income neighborhoods are not characterized by vibrancy. This forum will explore approaches that are being used in under-resourced neighborhoods to attract new businesses and customers, eliminate blight and vacant storefronts, promote local spending and in general increase value. 

Date: Tuesday, August 26

Time: 12:30pm to 4:30pm

Place: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco- 101 Market Street, San Francisco

There is no cost to attend, but registration is required.

 Employment/Internship Opportunities

 Jobs with the University of Missouri Extension

The University of Missouri Extension has posted three Regional Community Development Specialist positions for hire (headquartered in Jackson, Boone and McDonald Counties). They will also be posting a position for a Regional Community Arts Specialist headquartered in St. Louis that will deal specifically with a new partnership focused on the St. Louis Storytelling Festival. Information on how to apply can be found here .


New Teaching Position at Coady International Institute

Coady International Institute announces a new teaching position in the area of Citizen Engagement, Advocacy and Accountability.  This is a great opportunity for someone interested in adult education and capacity building on these critical themes. For application information, click here.  Deadline: August 29 

About The UC Davis Center for Regional Change

Launched in 2007, the CRC is a catalyst for innovative, collaborative, and action-oriented research. It brings together faculty and students from different disciplines, and builds bridges between university, policy, advocacy, business, philanthropy and other sectors.  The CRC's goal is to support the building of healthy, equitable, prosperous, and sustainable regions in California and beyond.  


Learn more! Visit the CRC website. To contact us directly, email or  call us at (530) 752-3007.