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July 15, 2014  Vol. 4 - Issue 32  

Hello CRC Community,

Jonathan London

CRC Director

We hope you enjoy this week's edition of Region Matters.  We will have a lighter edition over the next few weeks in consideration of the campus' summer break.  However, please continue to send your requests for inclusion in our newsletter to CRC Info.    

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CRC Spotlight
Focusing on Environmental Justice
Regionally-Relevant Events
Employment/Internship Opportunities
About The UC Davis Center for Regional Change
CRC Spotlight

MSNBC Interview for Irvis Orozco

Irvis Orozco graduated from UC Davis in 2014 as an International Relations and Economic Development major.  Orozco was recently interviewed on MSNBC in Washington, DC while participating in the UCD Washington Program where Orozco advocates on a national level for immigration reform and education.  For the last two years, he has worked with the CRC on a web initiative to increase young California equity advocates' access to relevant data on youth well-being via the CRC website, Putting Youth on the Map.  Orozco was chosen to be interviewed because of a KCRA news story he was featured in at California's Capitol a few weeks ago.



CRC Post-Doc: Media Coverage Continues

Alex Karner, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University and CRC collaborator, was interviewed on radio station KVPR for his op-ed featured in last week's Region Matters titled "Can California's San Joaquin Valley Conquer Urban Sprawl?"  To hear the interview, click here.



Focusing on Environmental Justice

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Blogs

Please see the latest blog post from Ashley Nelson of the EPA's Certification & Worker Protection Branch titled " Harvest of Shame." Ashley talks about how taking a bottom-up approach to pesticide safety training leads to successes in improving farmworker protections. She also discusses proposed changes to the Worker Protection Standard to include pesticide safety measures.


Also, see the EPA's new Climate Justice in Action Series, which focuses on reframing the conversation on climate change to include environmental justice issues. In the latest post, Neha Misra talks about health impacts in developing countries and how her organization is making a visible difference with education, empowering women, and solar light bulbs.

Regionally-Relevant Events

NAWS Seminar

The newest National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) data was recently released and Daniel Carroll of the Department of Labor will be summarizing the report today.

Date: Tuesday - July 15

Time: 3:30pm

Place: UCD Social Sciences & Humanities Building, Room 2102

To review the survey, please click here.  If you have questions please contact Professor Philip Martin.


Early Career Researchers Conference "Integrating the Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability"

The LUCID Young Researchers Conference is an international conference hosted by the Lund University Centre of Excellence for Integration of the Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability (LUCID). This interdisciplinary and sustainability science conference invites early career researchers across many disciplines to participate in presentations and discussions on the many facets of conducting research on sustainability issues.

Date: October 8-10

Place: Lund, Sweden

For more information on the conference, please click here.


 Employment/Internship Opportunities

Associate Director for Urban and Community IPM and Area IPM Advisor

UC Davis' Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, a statewide program with local development and delivery, is seeking an academic advisor to take leadership for its urban and community Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs within the UC Statewide IPM Program. For more information on this opportunity, click  here. Deadline: July 21

About The UC Davis Center for Regional Change

Launched in 2007, the CRC is a catalyst for innovative, collaborative, and action-oriented research. It brings together faculty and students from different disciplines, and builds bridges between university, policy, advocacy, business, philanthropy and other sectors.  The CRC's goal is to support the building of healthy, equitable, prosperous, and sustainable regions in California and beyond.  


Learn more! Visit the CRC website. To contact us directly, email or  call us at (530) 752-3007.