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March 25, 2014  Vol. 4 - Issue 17  

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We hope you enjoy this week's edition of Region Matters.  Thank you for your continued interest in the CRC!

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New Research
CRC Affiliates News
CRC Co-Sponsored Events
New Regionally-Relevant Resources
Call for Affordable Housing Proposals
UC Davis Center for Regional Change
 New Research

New Report: Measuring Sprawl 2014 

A free webinar will be held on Wednesday-April 2, 2014 at 11am EDT for the launch of Measuring Sprawl 2014.  Smart Growth America and the Metropolitan Research Center will hold an online event to detail the findings of the new report on the state of development in the U.S. and to discuss growth strategies with communities highlighted in the new analysis. 

CRC Affiliates News


New Research on Latino Youth Participation

Fe Moncloa, 4-H Youth Development Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension, Santa Clara County served as a core partner with the CRC to create Putting Youth on the MapShe is now collaborating with CRC Faculty Affiliate Dr. Nancy Erbstein and other campus faculty, as well as UC Agricultural and Natural Resources to implement a research, extension and organizational development effort to increase the Latino youth participation in the 4-H program.  As part of her dissertation, Ms. Moncloa is conducting research in an urban, low-income and racially/ethnically diverse high school to identify the organizational factors that promote or hinder Latino youth civic engagement. For more information on Ms. Moncloa's work, click here.

 CRC Co-Sponsored Events

"The Humanities and the Common Good"
The Provost's Forums on the Public University and the Social Good


Date: Friday - April 4, 2014

Time: 4pm - 5:30pm Lecture/Reception to follow

Place: UC Davis Multi-Purpose Room, Student Community Center


The speakers and panelists will address questions important both in the 21st- century workplace and in spheres where public good is debated; including, what contributions do the humanities, as taught in public universities, make to a society that values profitable innovation and vocational training?  For more information and a list of participants, click here.


New Regionally-Relevant Resources

The California Sustainable Research Hub

The California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA is pleased to announce that we will be publicly launching the CA Sustainability Research Hub on Monday, March 31


The CA Sustainability Research Hub is an online searchable database of over 800 State-funded reports on sustainable communities research. It expands search functionality by allowing users to search CARB, CEC, and Caltrans sustainable communities reports in one place by keyword or by sustainability topic. The Research Hub also provides a brief summary of each report in the results section to help users further refine their search.  (Username/Pswd: ccsc/guest)




New Podcast: Citizen Science

Tracking pollutants and investigating their health impacts requires expensive equipment and years of specialized training...or does it?  In a new podcast, Citizen Science, we hear from Northeastern University professor Sara Wylie, Ph.D., as she discusses some real-world science facilitated by everyday people with low-cost research tools. Please share it with your colleagues and project partners.

This podcast is part of PEPH's monthly Environmental Health Chat series. Each podcast is about six minutes long -- we get right to the point to deliver the latest research to your ears.


  Call for Affordable Housing Proposals

T+H+E Network Launches Contest  

The Transportation Housing and Environment (T+H+E) Network (convened by Housing California) is sponsoring a $3,500 prize for the best idea to lower the cost of living in California.  Click here for the instructions and judging criteria.  Submissions are due April 9, 2014 and the winner will be announced at the Housing California Annual Conference in Sacramento April 15-17, 2014. 

 UC Davis Center for Regional Change

The UC Davis Center for Regional Change (CRC) produces innovative research to create healthy, sustainable, prosperous, and equitable regions in California and beyond.


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