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October 28, 2013  Vol. 3. Issue 52                

CRC community:
We hope you find this week's newsletter meaningful and supportive of your work. We continue to be excited to announce the new research and initiatives taking place in regions around the state and country.  

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Relevant Publicatioins
CRC Affliates in the News
CRC Affliates in the News
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Employment Opportunities
 Relevant Publications

Alex Karner and Prof. Debbe Niemeier publish article providing a critical review of regional transportation plans 

Alex Karner, postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Regional Change, and UC Davis Dept. of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science Prof. Debbie Niemeier recently published an article in the Journal of Transport Geography entitled Transportation Image. Photo Credit:"Civil rights guidance and equity analysis methods for regional transportation plans: A critical review of literature and practice." The article details shortcomings with existing approaches to analyzing equity at regional transportation planning agencies and proposes substantive changes which, if adopted, would substantially improve practice. 

To read the full journal article, click here.

 CRC Supported Initiatives

Leap Forward project call for proposals for out-of-the-box ideas

Lead by a diverse group of progressive organizations from across California, the Leap Forward Project is a new effort to facilitate a collaborative, "think big," discussion about the State of California's future. CRC faculty affiliate and associate professor and chair of the UCD Community and Regional Development Graduate Group, Chris Benner, is one of the lead organizers and  member of the Leap Forward executive committee. The CRC is one of several institutional sponsors. In early 2014, the initiative will bring together a range of innovative policy experts, economic analysts, community and labor organizations and legislative aides to engage in out-of-the-box thinking to realize the remarkable possibility of our new economy, new electorate and new politics--focusing on the state, but hopefully also as an inspiration to work elsewhere.  As part of the process, Leap Forward is crowd-sourcing ideas for forward-looking, ambitious, bottom-up/middle out 'leap forward ideas' that will tackle extreme inequality and drive enduring prosperity. 

Individuals who submit ideas that are selected for discussion at the convening will each receive $1,000 and have the combined intellectual and organizational resources of the project's executive committee devoted to further developing their idea and discussion at the convening.   Deadline is January 3rd, 2014, but ideas submitted before then will help seed the thinking.

For a detailed description of the call for proposals, and submission form), click here.

 Relevant Change Issues in the News

Drift catchers use citizen science to fight pesticide pollution

When Laura Krouse heard the roar of a crop duster as it flew low, ducking under utility wires to lay down a blanket of herbicides, she sprang into action. Working deftly, she set up a small air vacuum resembling a clothes hanging rod close to her field of vegetables, corn, and hay, not far from where the plane was spraying the neighbor's 10,000-acre farm. There, it would inhale samples of the air to later be tested to see if the chemicals were drifting onto her land. Krouse, who for 25 years has run the 72-acre Abbe Hills Farm in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, is a drift catcher, a toughened breed of farmers who are taking matters concerning the threats of agricultural chemicals into their own hands. She is among 20 Iowa farmers who last winter trained with the California-based Pesticide Action Network (PAN) to use the air monitoring technology PAN specifically designed for laymen. Back home, the farmers took air samples during spraying times throughout this past season.

To read the full article by Lori Rotenberk posted on, click here.

 Upcoming Events


Charlotte Biltekoff - Book Launch " Eating Right in America: The Cultural Politics of Food and Health"

October 29, 4:00 to 6:00 pm, Student Community Center Room D, UC Davis

Charlotte Biltekoff, UC Davis Associate Professor with the Department of Food Science and Technology and CRC Faculty Affiliate, has a new book, that offers a powerful critique of dietary reform in the United States from the late nineteenth-century emergence of nutritional science through the contemporary alternative food movement and campaign against obesity. Eating Right in America argues that while the primary aim may be to improve health, the process of teaching people to "eat right" inevitably involves shaping certain kinds of subjects and citizens, and shoring up the identity and social boundaries of the ever-threatened American middle class. Sponsored by American Studies, Food Science and Technology, the Agricultural Sustainability Institute, and the Center for Regional Change.   

Employment Opportunities 

Environmental Justice Research Scientist I (Epidemiology/Biostatistics) position at Cal/EPA

The Community Assessment Research Section (CARS) within the Air, Community, and Environmental Research Branch (ACERB) provides technical support to the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) for the identification of disadvantaged communities under Senate Bill No. 535 of 2012; evaluates exposure patterns that result in cumulative exposures to pollution in a community, and assists the Agency in conducting environmental justice projects in a manner that promotes equity and affords fair treatment, accessibility, and protection for all Californians, regardless of race, age, culture, income, or geographic location.

Under supervision of the Chief, CARS, with additional guidance from the Cal/EPA Assistant Secretary for Environmental Justice and Tribal Affairs, the Research Scientist I (Epidemiology/Biostatistics) works as a team member on public health projects to promote environmental justice and acts as a technical scientific consultant in epidemiological and biostatistical areas to the section and the Cal/EPA. 

For the detailed position description, click here.

Caltrans Transportation Planner (Fresno office)

Under the supervision of a Senior Transportation Planner, the incumbent would perform various transportation planning activities, primarily review of local development proposals for impacts to the State transportation network as part of Caltrans' Local Development/Intergovernmental review Program. For additional information, contact Paul Marquez at (559) 445-5867, or email