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  April 8th, 2013  Vol. 3. Issue 25                         

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CRC Innovations 

CRC faculty affiliate Dr. Nancy Erbstein has released a series of issue briefs on the topic of chronic absence in the Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD). Dr. Erbstein presented the briefs to the SCUSD School Board last week and they are now informing a new district-wide effort to engage school principals, social services, community-based organizations, local leaders, youth and families in addressing chronic absence. The series includes an overview of chronic absence and its financial and learning costs, characteristics of SCUSD's chronically absent students, populations and places that may benefit from additional support, and recommendations. The series can be accessed on the CRC website:


In recent years, scholars have identified chronic absence as a factor associated with poor school performance, as well as the loss of school funding (which, in California, is based on students' average daily attendance, or ADA). However, most public schools and school districts have at best anecdotal information about chronic attendance patterns. This study begins to fill this analytical gap for SCUSD and provides a model for other districts.


The research was led by Dr. Erbstein (Department of Human Ecology) with the support of Teri Greenfield (UC Davis Center for Regional Change) and conducted in collaboration with SCUSD and Community Link. The work was funded with the generous support of The California Endowment and Sierra Health Foundation.

CRC Impact


The CRC's California Civic Engagement Project is pleased to invite you to attend an upcoming talk held at the UC Sacramento Center.


The Growth and Uneven Impact of Latino Voter Turnout in California: 2002-2012


Mindy Romero, Project Director of the California Civic Engagement Project, UC Davis Center for Regional Change


May 23, 2013

12:00 PM to 01:30 PM

1130 K Street, Room LL3

UC Sacramento Center 

This presentation examines the growth of Latino voter turnout for the state of California from 2002-2012, examining geographic disparities in representation across the state and overtime. How has the Latino vote changed in California in the last decade? What impact have these changes had on the state's general electorate? Geographic opportunities for future growth will be examined with a focus on how might the state's future demographic changes affect the Latino share of California's electorate and, thus the state's general electorate, as a whole. Additionally, institutional factors affecting Latino voter participation will be examined including those that might help to reduce the barriers to participation for Latinos.


This talk presents findings from a new CCEP policy brief on the 2012 California Latino vote scheduled to be officially released the same day: Changing Political Tides: Demographics and the Impact of the 2012 California Latino Vote. For more information and to register, please see:

Regional Change Reports

New Research: From the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on: Human Capital, Health Policy, Public Health or Vulnerable Populations.


How Education, Employment Affect Your Health


When it comes to good health, socioeconomic factors like community safety and social support, education, and employment all matter-often to a greater degree than the medical care you receive. Two new issue briefs and infographics explore research linking education level and employment status to health.Check them out here:

Learn how education level influences longevity.

Learn why having a job can mean better health.

Upcoming Events

Join the American Lung Association in California at their public health and land use planning forum at the Fresno Council of Governments (COG) offices on April 10, 2013 at 1:00pm.

The "Growing Healthy in Fresno County" forum provides an opportunity to learn about the critical connections between land use and transportation planning and the public's health as the Fresno COG prepares its first Sustainable Communities Strategy under California's Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection law (Senate Bill 375 of 2008). Panel presentations will provide important updates on the Fresno COG's progress to date, opportunities to plan for better community health throughout Fresno County, and ways to engage in the COG's upcoming public input process. RSVP here


May 9, 2013, 4pm-6pm in the Student Community Center Room D: Annual Environmental Justice Project book lecture. This year's featured author will be UCD alum and University of the Pacific Asst. Professor of Sociology Dr. Alison Alkon. Alison will be speaking on and signing her two recent texts: 

Black, White and Green: Race, Farmers Markets and the Green Economy. UGA Press 2012.



Cultivating Food Justice; Race, Class and Sustainability. MIT Press. 2011. (co-edited with Julian Agyeman) (

Employment Opportunities 

The CRC is hiring! 

We are accepting invitations for two new positions:

Informatics Project Associate:


CRC Program Representative

Payroll Title PROGRAM REPRESENTATIVE IIPlease see the position description at: