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  April 2nd, 2013  Vol. 3. Issue 24                         

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CRC Impact


Last week the CRC's California Civic Engagement Project released two new policy briefs in its series on the November 2012 election. Both briefs have already received much media attention. CCEP's Mindy Romero was interviewed by Univision, Channel 19 and two of the region's newspapers ran front page news articles on the policy briefs' findings.  Visit the CCEP's website to see more media reaction! Download the policy briefs here:





CRC Innovations 

CRC Executive Committee member Dave Campbell's new publication just won the Mosher award for the best article in Public Administration Review for the past year: 

"Public Managers in Integrated Services Collaboratives: What Works Is Workarounds"

Workarounds emerge in the space created by certain managerial strategies and dispositions: Treating directives as starting points for negotiation, using performance to justify discretion and manage risk, establishing local collaborative goals as an alternative locus of accountability, and distinguishing front-door services from back-door accounting. By aggregating data from clusters of workaround stories, researchers and practitioners can (1) identify policy flaws in need of repair, (2) illuminate tensions in the integrated service ideal, and (3) inform the enduring normative debate over administrative discretion and public accountability.


Click here for the article. 

Regional Change Reports 
A recent policy brief released by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research examines park access and the health of teens. They find that teenagers who live close to a park or open space are more likely to get exercise than those who live in areas without parks nearby. Only 25 percent of adolescents lived near a park or open space in California. Yet nearly 45 percent of California teens with access to a park reported that they bike, run, play sports or do other physical activity for at least one hour a day, at least five days a week, the study found. In contrast, only one-third of teens who did not live close to a park had the same level of physical activity. The study's one caveat is safety. Teens were far less likely to use a park if they perceived it to be unsafe, the authors found. 
Read the policy brief herePhysical Activity, Park Access and Park Use among California Adolescents.
Upcoming Events
Graduate Group in Epidemiology Presents: Epidemiology Seminars (EPI 290) 


Thursdays 11:00am - 11:50am

Valley Hall Building, Room #2020

UC Davis West Campus (Veterinary Medicine)

First speaker of the series: 

April 4, 2013

Marc B. Schenker, MD, MPH

Associate Vice Provost and

Professor, Public Health Sciences and Medicine, UC Davis

"Immigrants: So Many and So Invisible" 

This seminar series aims to look into the world of conducting epidemiological research in a globally connected world through the experiences of experts in a wide range of health related areas. While generating a dialog between the change-makers and students, the seminar will glimpse into:  the challenges and rewards of working in a highly interconnected world as health care professionals, the aspects of conducting research from designing, implementing, building research capacity and training, promoting partnerships to delivering care in global health, the expectations from and the role of an epidemiologist in solving some of the global health challenges.


Youth Leadership for Community Health and Food Security in the Karuk Tribe

Friday, April 19

Noon to 1:15 p.m.CTSC Auditorium 

2921 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento

This presentation will describe the work of the youth members of the Karuk Tribe's Youth

Leadership Council including: Youth leadership in the Karuk Tribe and the community. A youth-led community health assessment regarding healthy eating and active living. Use of mobile technology for data collection and communication. Preliminary results of the health assessment.

RSVP by April 15

Call 916-703-9211 or email For more information, click here.


The Farm Bill and Western Agriculture

Date: May 14, 2013

Venue: Conference Center, UC Davis 

CRC Executive Committee member, Dan Sumner presents this event as a place for insightful presentations and in-depth conversations surrounding the new Farm Bill and its impacts on agriculture in the West. Experts, leaders and stakeholders from the agricultural policy community will open the discussions on the most vital topics for Western Agriculture. The workshop is appropriate for growers, lenders, agribusiness executives, policy advisors, agricultural leaders, university professionals, students and everyone who values comprehensive and objective information about the upcoming Farm Bill and U.S. farm policy. Registration cost: $100 (1/2 price for students), covers conference materials, meals and post-conference reception. Registration details to be announced soon. Contact:  Jonathan Barker  530-752-2320. or Click here to download an informational flyer.  
Employment Opportunities 

The CRC is hiring! 

We are accepting invitations for two new positions:

Informatics Project Associate:

Payroll Title ANALYST I  Please learn more at:


CRC Program Representative

Payroll Title PROGRAM REPRESENTATIVE IIPlease see the position description at:


Harder+Company seeks a Research Assistant in its Davis office to provide support on a diverse array of teambased research projects. The Research Assistant will be responsible for literature reviews; planning and assisting with focus groups; conducting interviews; entering, coding, and analyzing data; administering surveys; and assisting with the preparation and editing of reports.To apply: Send a resume and cover letter to: Please specify "Davis Research Assistant" in the subject line and reference "Assistant2013-UCD". Resumes will be accepted until position is filled. Click here for more information.