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    October 26th, 2012  Vol. 3. Issue 6                             

Dear Community

Recently, the CRC began development on a number of new projects addressing issues of concern across the state of California. We invite everyone to explore the projects page on the CRC website and learn more about the current work of the Center.  



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Regional Change in the News
Special Reports on Regional Change
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Regional Change in the News

USDA has issued a notice to all local, state, and national Rural Development staff instructing them to continue using the current "rural" definition until March 27, 2013, postponing implementation of data from the 2010 Census until that time. This notice applies to all Rural Development programs, including those administered by Rural Housing Service, Rural Utilities Service, and Rural Business Service. March 27, 2013, is the new deadline and coincides with the expiration of the FY13 Continuing Resolution. It also allows rural communities and advocates to continue work on finding a long-term solution to this issue when Congress returns to Capitol Hill after the November elections.


Cal/EPA is now accepting applications for funding under the Environmental Justice Small Grants Program. $250,000 will be available during this grant cycle, with each project qualifying for a maximum of $20,000.

Cal/EPA's Environmental Justice Program seeks to connect all Californians, including low-income and minority populations, to public health and environmental protection programs in a manner that promotes equity and affords fair treatment and protection, irrespective of race, age, culture, income or geographic location. 

Special Reports on Regional Change
The Food Labor Research Center at UC Berkeley, along with the Food Chain Workers Alliance and ROC-United, recently released a report examining the potential consumer food price increases associated with the proposed increase in the Federal Tipped Minimum and Regular Minimum Wage. Download the report here.

The Urban Research-Based Action Network (URBAN) - a multidisciplinary, distributed network of community-based researchers - recently began publishing its first newsletter.  Join the LISTSERV here.


The UCM Art Gallery presents the premiere showing of Living with the Memory, a multimedia exhibit that combines documentary photography, written text and voice recordings, to tell the stories of African-American women, men and children coping in the aftermath of violence and tragedy in northern California's East Bay.

Living with the Memory

UC Merced Art Gallery Fall 2012 Colloquium & Multimedia Exhibition


November 5th, 2012

Colloquium: 1-4pm

Gallery Exhibition & Reception: 4pm


One in six Americans lives in poverty - the highest level in 50 years - and where a person lives remains one of the most powerful influences of their life chances. Moreover, nearly half of children born into poverty will remain poor throughout childhood. And nearly one-third of poor children will remain impoverished into adulthood. Investing in What Works for America's Communities: Essays on People, Place, and Purpose,a new book published by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Low Income Investment Fund, attempts to address these stubborn challenges by highlighting entrepreneurial solutions for addressing poverty from leading experts in community and economic development, academia, government policy, health, and philanthropy. request a free printed copy online at

Upcoming Events



ARB Research Seminars:


Leading scientists present their research findings about air pollution and climate change.