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EPG Companies Inc. specializes in the manufacture of landfill leachate pumps & controls, sump drainers, remediation equipment, telemetry hardware and
SCADA systems,

Odor & Gas Control, and other environmental and industrial products.  


Over the last 25+ years of designing Pumps & Controls systems, one thing has always proven to be a constant. Thorough consideration in the design and installation of a leachate collection system is critical and should be "Job One". The goals during the design phase of any project are obvious but we remind ourselves continually what they are so our focus is true. 

Identify Goals - Panel Inspection
  • Effective collection of Leachate
  • Minimum head on liner
  • Long Life
  • Permit compliance 

Achieve Those Goals -
  • Properly sized pumps
  • Simple, reliable controls
  • Instrumentation to monitor system health 

EPG's Applications Specialists can answer any questions you might have about installation best practices. Give them a call at 1-800-443-7426 or email them at info1@epgco.com.

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EPG and our partners attend several events each year. We will update the schedule below each month.



As always, EPG welcomes your feedback. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us at info1@epgco.com.

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EPG Companies Inc.
SWANA Landfill Gas Symposium - March 24-27, 2014

EPG will be exhibiting at SWANA's 2014 Landfill Gas Symposium in Monterey, CA.

EPG Applications Specialists will be on-hand to listen, offer guidance, and answer questions about your current and upcoming applications & installations as well as provide insight regarding our electric and pneumatic pumps & controls, accessories, biogas flares, and odor & gas control.  


We are also excited to share that the designer of EPG's Viridian America line of pneumatic pumps will be present at our booth. EPG Companies Inc. will be located in booth 1605 near the entrance of the exhibit hall. Stop and say hello!


 Visit SWANA's LFG Symposium website to learn more.



Equipment grounding serves several functions. First, it is the primary way to protect personnel from electrocution. Secondly, it is the most critical common link to all electronic components of a data, telecommunications, or process-control system.

What types of problems occur due to insufficient ground?

  • System shutdowns
  • Inconsistent control of pumping systems
  • Sensor errors
  • Loss of communication between control devices
  • Damage to electrical/electronic equipment

Often times people confuse the two ("Earth Grounding" and "Equipment Grounding") resulting in grounding practices that can lead to inefficient performance, costly downtime and maybe even unsafe working conditions. To learn more, read the entire article here.


Did you know?

The proper use of thread seal tape on electrical conduit connections to prevent gas  migration DOES eliminate the conduit as a ground. A separate, dedicated ground wire must be pulled to insure a good ground.



Consult with an EPG Applications Specialist at 1-800-443-7426 or email us at info1@epgco.com for more information.



Used in conjunction with an Aneroid Bellows inside an EPG Breakout Junction Box, a desiccant dryer prevents moisture from entering the vent tube which can damage or compromise the performance of the pressure transducer. The material in the dryer is color indicating, providing you with feedback as to it's effectiveness. Fully functional dryers are blue in appearance. Pink indicates the dryer should be replaced soon and White indicates the dryer is completely spent and immediate replacement is necessary.

EPG includes "vapor capsule" style corrosion inhibitors in each of our control panels and breakout junction boxes to protect the integrity of the wiring, terminals and connections. These should be replaced on a yearly cycle and are only effective in small volumetric spaces. Enclosure doors need to remain closed as well.

Call EPG at 1-800-443-7426 for replacement orders.
EPG will have representation at the following SWANA and industry related events: 

EPG Service School 
Maple Grove, MN 
ESD Annual Solid Waste Technical Conference
East Lansing, MI (Pumps Plus Exhibiting)
Lafayette, LA (The Reich Co. Exhibiting)
SWANA Landfill Gas Symposium
Monterey, CA (Exhibiting)
SWANA Northern Lights Chapter
Regina, Saskatchewan (Zirco Exhibiting)
FNYSWA Spring Conference & Trade Show
Bolton Landing, NY (Exhibiting)
Alabama Chapter of SWANA
Orange Beach, AL (Ray Rivera of Diamond Systems Attending)
Austin, TX (The Reich Co. Exhibiting)
Austin, TX (The Reich Co. Exhibiting)
Bay St. Louis, MS (The Reich Co. Exhibiting)