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EPG Companies Inc. specializes in the manufacture of landfill leachate pumps & controls, sump drainers, remediation equipment, telemetry hardware and
SCADA systems,

Odor & Gas Control, and other environmental and industrial products.  




In this edition of our newsletter we discuss the value of buying OEM parts direct from EPG and offer information and downloads about our line of Flares for Odor Control & Fugitive Gas. We hope you find this information useful and have an enjoyable Autumn!     



Thanks to everyone that stopped by the EPG booth at WASTECON this year. Our sales staff was very appreciative of those who stopped by to chat. It's always great to have face-to-face discussions about new landfill projects and ongoing challenges facing the design engineers, site managers and field personnel. Thanks again! 




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EPG will be attending several events this year. We will update the schedule below each month.



As always, EPG welcomes your feedback. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us at info1@epgco.com.

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EPG Companies Inc.
Why buy OEM Parts from EPG?


When you purchase OEM parts from EPG you're receiving items that have been thoroughly tested in our lab, test stand, and in the field; so you can buy with confidence knowing they are suitable for your service.


This testing goes way beyond what parts manufacturers can and are willing to do. We have a reject rate of over 3% for vendor supplied parts as not being suitable for our customers. The reliability of EPG products are a direct result of our exhaustive quality control processes, not only with the parts we manufacturer but the parts provided by our suppliers.

As a result, EPG is able to offer extended warranties providing peace of mind and great value for our customers. In addition, we employ knowledgeable customer service staff familiar with our parts, your systems, how they interact, and who know how to most effectively troubleshoot even the most challenging problems. Our customer service has come to be depended on by over 50 third party service people all over the United States.

When you purchase OEM parts from EPG, you're also buying:
  • Additional Testing
  • Extended Warranty
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Training for Your Service and Support Staff  

EPG's Test Stand and Test Tank  
Odor Control & Fugitive Gas Solutions 
Solar SparkŪ Passive Vent Flares

Solar SparkŪ Vent Flares are widely used for odor and emission control at passive outlets, such as cap vents, leachate stations, or from gas outbreaks at the surface of active or closed landfill cells. Solar SparkŪ Vent Flares are typically used on landfill gas vents, wells, or leachate system cleanout lines to combust flammable gases. Solar SparkŪ Vent Flares combust flammable gases at low ambient pressure without the need for blowers or external power.

Standard Features Include:

  • All Weather Stainless Steel Spark-Pilot
  • Solar-Powered Continuous Ignition System, 6-Volt Or 12-Volt
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  • Inline Flame Arrester
  • 2-90 SCFM or 5-140 SCFM Flow Rates

Other Uses:

  • Dairy and Animal Feeding Facilities
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Biogas Facilities
  • Petroleum or Natural Gas Production and Transmission


Solar-Spark Passive Vent Flare
Bulletin 6540
YCF Control Panel
Bulletin 6600a
Model CF-5
 Bulletin 6555
Model CF-10
CF Series Technical Specs
Solar Ignition Technical Specs
 Bulletin 6575
Solar Spark Flare Options
 Bulletin 6580
Solar Spark Flare Mounting Options
 Bulletin 6585
Solar Spark SPV-100
 Bulletin 6565


LTL Biogas Flares

LTL Biogas Flares are widely used for odor and emission control when vacuum assist is required, such as cap vents, leachate stations, or from gas outbreaks at the surface of active or closed landfill cells. 

These units are ruggedly constructed for long life and feature solar-powered continuous ignition with very low maintenance requirements. Skid and trailer mounting options are available to adapt to any situation.

Standard Flare Features:

  • Easy Assembly and Maintenance with Rotating Column Design
  • Solar Electronic Ignition- No Auxiliary Pilot Gas Required
  • 5-750 SCFM Biogas Combustion Capacities
  • Excellent Combustion Efficiency
  • High Temperature Thermocouple with Programmable Data Logger
  • Low Pressure, Easy Cleaning Flame Arrester Constructed with Aluminum Body and 304 Stainless Steel Internals
  • Carbon Steel Riser Pipe
  • Skid Mounted; Easily Portable
  • Complies with 40 CFR 60.18
  • Easy and Safe to Maintain!

RF Series Biogas Flares
Bulletin 6510
Solar Powered Vent Flare SPV-100A
Bulletin 6560
Trailer Mounted Flare & Blower Skid
 Bulletin 6500
LTL Biogas RF-150 Flare
LTL Biogas RF-300 Flare
LTL Biogas RF-500 Flare
 Bulletin 6654
LTL Biogas RF-750 Flare
 Bulletin 6656


Consult with an Applications Specialist at 1-800-443-7426 or email us at info1@epgco.com for more information about Flares, Odor Control & Fugitive Gas Solutions.
EPG will have representation at the following SWANA and industry related events: 

EPG Service School
Maple Grove, MN 
SWANA Landfill Gas Symposium
Monterey, CA (Exhibiting)
FNYSWA Spring Conference & Trade Show
Bolton Landing, NY (Exhibiting