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EPG Companies Inc. specializes in the manufacture of landfill leachate pumps & controls, sump drainers, remediation equipment, telemetry hardware and

SCADA systems and other environmental and industrial products.




We are pleased to announce Rob Boyce of Control  Systems West as the newest member of EPG's nationwide sales rep network.  Rob will represent EPG in the Northwest including the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Join us in Welcoming Control Systems West!


Control Systems West  

Rob Boyce   

Office: 503-647-0979  

Mobile: 503-348-5711

Fax: 503-647-0983  

12857 NW Jackson Quarry Road 

Hillsboro, OR 97124




350 x 1    


EPG will be attending several events this year. We will update the schedule below each month.



As always, EPG welcomes your feedback. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us at info1@epgco.com.

EPG Companies Inc.


EPG Companies Inc.


Working Together Just Works 

 HEI Logo 

EPG Companies Inc. and Houston Engineering have teamed up on several projects recently. During that time the staff at Houston Engineering identified an internal need to collect data and information in an organized and specific way to aid them in execution of leachate pumping system design. The result was their "Leachate Pumping System Data Request" Form. Feel free to take a look at it!

Download the "Leachate Pumping System Data Request" Form
 Click Here

Contact Houston Engineering at info@houstoneng.com or visit www.houstoneng.com to learn more about them.
Did You Know?
EPG SurePump vertical design shown. Horizontal similar.


All pumps are not created equal...  

The longevity of a submersible motor depends on several factors including:
  • Liquid Flow Over Motor To Cool It
  • Correct Pump Sizing
  • System Health & Maintenance 
The EPG SurePump Sump Drainer design encourages maximum cooling by drawing liquid over the entire length of the motor. This is accomplished by positioning the entire inlet screen below the the motor.

Other designs have the potential for inadequate cooling by allowing liquid to be drawn in at a higher point on the motor. Coupled with lower grade seals and bearings in the pump head, the life of those pumps can be shortened significantly.

With EPG's proven design and experience in sizing pumps for each unique application, we provide pumps that offer the longevity and performance that our customers have come to expect.

570x1 GIF 
Did You Know?
Desiccant Dryers
The Life Cycle of a Desiccant Dryer

Two simple yet often overlooked items vital to maintaining performance and longevity of your pumping systems include desiccantdryers and corrosion inhibitors. They're expendable and replacing them on a regular basis is easy and economical. They are also inexpensive compared to the replacement cost of pressure transducers or component and wiring repairs due to corrosion.

Used in conjunction with a bellows inside an EPG Breakout Junction Box, a desiccant dryer prevents moisture from entering the vent tube which can damage or compromise the performance of the pressure transducer. The material inside the dryer is color indicating, providing you with feedback as to it's effectiveness. Fully functional dryers are Blue in appearance. Pink indicates the dryer should be replaced soon and White indicates the dryer is completely spent and immediate replacement is necessary.


Zerust Vapor Capsules
Corrosion Inhibitors

EPG also includes "vapor capsule" style corrosion inhibitors in each of our control panels and breakout junction boxes to protect the integrity of the wiring, terminals and connections. These should be replaced on a yearly cycle and are only effective in small volumetric spaces. Enclosure doors need to remain closed in order for these to be effective.


We've created a simple log form for use in the field to help keep track of the condition and aging of desiccant dryers and corrosion inhibitors at your site. Please share with your field personnel and site managers. 


Download our NEW Desiccant Dryer & Corrosion Inhibitor Log Form
 Form 243

Call EPG's Parts Department at 1-800-443-7426 for replacement orders.

EPG Sales Reps - We've got you covered!

EPG Globe

EPG has representation throughout the United States and Canada. We encourage you to reach out to them for your next project in their respective areas. EPG Pumps & Controls have been installed globally, too!





Lee Supply Co., Inc. 800-876-0533
(PA, MD, WV, VA, OH, DE, NJ, NC, SC)
The Reich Company, Inc. 281-852-7206
(TX, AR, LA, MS, OK, NM)

Diamond Systems, LLC 321-223-7500
(FL, AL, GA, PR)  
Pumps Plus, Inc. 248-888-9004
(Lower MI)

Bermingham Equipment Co. 951-735-3240
(CA, AZ, NV)

BJ Associates 847-963-9575(IN) 847-398-2929(IL)
(IN, IL)

Control Systems West 503-647-0979
(WA, OR, ID, MT)

Terra Midwest Sales 903-355-3116
(KS, MO, TN, KY)

Eastern Reliability, LLC 508-992-9189
(CT, MA, ME, NH, VT, RI)

Zirco 403-259-3303
EPG will have representation at the following SWANA and industry related events: 

 Northern Lights 2013 Annual Conference Edmonton, AB
(Exhibiting - Zirco)
2013 WASTECON Long Beach, CA
EPG Service School Maple Grove, MN
(Dates will be announced later this year)