Knowledge for Life  December 2015
Screen Time vs Face-to-Face Interactions  
Do your kids talk to you? Do they avoid holiday family get togethers because they'll have to converse?  Today's kids easily incorporate technology into their daily lives but at what cost to their interactive communication skills?
529 College Saving Plans
When you make your list of holiday gifts for young people in your life, do you want to give more meaningful gifts? What could be a more meaningful experience than a college, vocational or technical education! The Kansas Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Program provides a tax-advantaged way to invest for a college education.
Selecting a Christmas Tree
What do you look for when selecting the family Christmas tree? Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes the perfect tree. Here are tips to remember as you wander around the tree lot.
Holiday Decorating with Fresh Greenery
Decorating with fresh greenery started as a southern tradition in colonial days and eventually moved north. Many locally grown plants can be used in holiday decorating. We list some decorating ideas with materials you may be able to find just outside your backdoor.
Preparing for the New Year
For many men the garage or tool shed is their "man cave". This winter, if you're out enjoying some quiet time, why not get the jump on spring?
Food Chemicals: Can I Eat It If I Can't Pronounce It?
Would you let your child eat food with phenylalanine, arginine and isoluecne? Chances are your family frequently consumes this particular food. Find out what roles additives actually play in our system, and their potential/assumed risks.
What's Your Connection to Agriculture? 
Many of us grow fresh vegetables or fruit in our own backyard. Then believe it or not you're connected to agriculture. And did you know more and more women are operating farms? We've developed an educational series catered directly to farm women called The Farmer's Daughter.
Director's Corner 
with Dan Lekie 
Extension Council Election Results
At our annual elections held on October 13, 2015 twelve individuals were elected to the Johnson County Extension Council. 

The 24 member Extension Council then elected the Executive Board at our Annual Meeting on October 29.

To review the complete list of election results please click here.

From the entire Extension staff, thank you for your willingness to serve on the Extension Council and Executive Board. We look forward to working with all of you to move our programming forward within Johnson County.
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