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Steppie MD Dermaceuticals


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Ethereal BeautyTM 
The first revolutionary Anti-Aging Serum infused with rare sequoia tree stem cells


Today, on April 22nd, environmentalists and others worldwide will celebrate International Mother Earth Day.   

More than one billon global citizens, communities, organizations and governments in nearly 200 countries recognize the annual observance of the amazing planet we inhabit and take action to protect it.    
Steppie MD Dermaceuticals beautifully illustrates that commitment to living harmoniously with nature, developing skincare products made with natural and organic ingredients.  
Developed by Michael Steppie, MD, Ethereal Beauty™ anti-aging cellular elixir is supercharged with his patent-pending Pro Organic Complex™ which activates cellular energy while infusing skin with rare Sequoia tree stem cells.
The majestic sequoia tree is a national landmark... A unique force of nature which holds a unique longevity secret. It is the tallest species of trees living on Earth today.

Dr. Steppie is passionate about natural skincare and about nature itself.
That is why he is a staunch supporter of the Earth Day Network's The Canopy Project. Participants focus on planting trees that help small, impoverished communities better sustain themselves and their local economies. To that end, the Earth Day Network and the Global Poverty Project have partnered to plan 10 million trees over the next five years in impoverished areas worldwide. 


Wondering why Dr. Steppie is fascinated by our American Force of Nature? Did you read last December's article in National Geographic on the Giant Sequoias? Have a look at the amazing video below: