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Steppie MD - Sponsor of FOX 35 UV Index

Steppie MD - Sponsor of FOX 35 UV Index



Steppie MD - Anti Oxidant Sunscreen Spray SPF 25

Steppie MD - Anti Oxidant Sunscreen Spray SPF 25



Associates in Dermatology - Skin Cancer Specialists - Fox 35 TV  spot

Associates in Dermatology

Fox 35 TV spot



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How important is a daily skincare routine for you? 

with Jennifer Rose Paul
Paramedical Clinical Esthetician
Steppie MD Product Specialist
Jennifer Rose Paul, RFS, PCE
Dr. Steppie's "An Ounce of Prevention" TV campaign, is raising awareness in regards to skin cancer prevention and underlying sun damage including premature aging. 

This month, in honor of National Skin Care Awareness Month, I would like to give you a close and personal look at your skin. 

Sign up for a skin consultation, and get a complimentary service with our NEW SKIN SCOPE. 


                  Bring hidden UV damage to light &

see it with your own eyes!

                uv damage skin scanner

Our latest skin scope incorporates ultraviolet light, which brings to light under your very eyes: Hidden sun damage, uneven texture as well as signs of dehydration, premature aging and oilyness.  
Cosmetic Dermatology Services Price Sheet 


Book your appointment today!
Call 800-827-SKIN


Through September 30, 2011 your Cosmetic Dermatology $25 consultation fee will be redeemable for the purchase of Steppie MD Sacred Serum -A powerful Anti-Aging Complex. 


 This month, the consultation fee will include
a FREE analysis with our latest Skin Scope.
exclusively with Jennifer Rose Paul, RFS, PCE

 It's time for a Skin Quiz! 

  Send us your answers & you may win $123 in prizes!

1. Visit to find the answers to the questions below.
2. Email Jennifer Rose Paul your answers and your contact information.
3. Everyone who answers correctly will be entered in a raffle. The winner will get a Steppie MD Skincare Package: including one complimentary Skin Consultation, one Steppie MD Sacred Serum - a Powerful Anti-aging Concentrate - and one Steppie MD Antioxidant Sunscreen Spray SPF 25 


Good luck everyone!


Question 1. How many Americans are at risk of getting Skin Cancer?

(A) 1 in 5 Americans (B) 1 in 10 Americans (C) 1 in 15 Americans


Question 2. What is the most potent antioxidant used in two Steppie MD products... Proven to be 65x more powerful than vitamin C, 54x more powerful than beta-carotene, and 14x more powerful than vitamin E! 

(A) Vitimin C (B) Astaxanthin (C) Green Tea


Question 3. What ingredient is capable of retaining up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, and thus attracts and retains moisture for the skin?

(A) Aloe (B) Vitamin E (C) Hyaluronic Acid


Question 4. What ingredient has been recognized as the best anti-aging molecule by Harvard's Department of Medicine.

(A) Grape (B) Jojba oil (C) Resveratrol