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MOHS Micrographic Skin Cancer Surgery FACT

Developed by Frederic E. Mohs, M.D. in the 1930s. MOHS Micrographic Surgery is used for the removal of skin cancer and is a highly precise, highly effective method that excises not only the visible tumor but also any "roots" that may have extended beneath the skin surface.
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 You can access your biopsy results from our website's home page.
 Associates In Dermatology's first office opened in Kissimmee over 20 years ago and now has 9 offices in 5 counties.
 Dr. Steppie is a Professional Member of the Skin Cancer Foundation.
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We are Central Florida's
 MOHS Micrographic Skin Cancer Surgery Specialists
The Skin Cancer Surgery Team at Associates In Dermatology
has been performing MOHS Micrographic Skin Cancer Surgery
in Central Florida for over 20 years.
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Dr. SteppieMichael W. Steppie, MD, President/Medical Director 
Similar to Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma often appears on areas of the body where the skin is exposed to the sun; like scalp, ears, face and shoulders.
It appears as a dry, crusted, scaly patch that is red and swollen or as a sore that won't heal.  Typically it will have a raised border.
Once diagnosed, treatment is often simple and successful.  The options will vary depending on location, size, and your medical history.  They include excision, cryosurgery, and Mohs Micrographic Surgery.
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Phaedra Connolly, RFS, CMEPhaedra Connolly, RFS, CME
Licensed Paramedical Esthetician
What should I put on first?
I am often asked about the proper order of applying cosmetics, topical medication and sunscreen.
FIRST: Always apply medication to a clean, freshly washed face. Always follow your doctor's recommendation.
SECOND: Apply your moisturizer.  This may help enhance the penetration of the medication.
THIRD: If your moisturizer does not contain SPF, apply your sunscreen.  I recommend an SPF 30 or higher.
FINALLY:  Apply your cosmetics; foundation, powder and blush.
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The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends getting a skin exam every year.  If you have a family history or have been previously diagnosed with  skin cancer or pre-cancers, your Dermatologist may recommend skin exams more often.
Know your skin. Share your knowledge.
Nadene Weil
Physician Liaison & Marketing Coordinator
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