February 2015 In This Issue:

Dear Friends,


This year MAP will enter its 7th year of operation. Each year, thanks to the commitment and strength of our community, volunteers and sponsors, we have expanded our work around the world. Each of you play and instrumental role in our success. Learn More.  


In order to ensure the quality and success of our work, we are pleased to announce that we are expanding our Advisory Board. We welcome our new Advisory Board Members and look forward to welcoming other new members in the future. View the list.


We have an ambitious 2015 ahead of us. In addition to continuing our ongoing programs in the U.S, Iran, India, Cambodia and Afghanistan we plan to:


  • Expand our Nutrition Outreach Program to 10 school. This program provides food for thousands of impoverished children in the U.S.
  • Provide supplemental education programs for hundreds of children in the U.S.
  • Build two schools, an orphanage and several daycare/education centers in Iran.
  • Renovate three orphanages and purchase medical equipment in Iran.
  • Expand our Education Outreach Program in Cambodia.
  • Support two additional Learning Centers and a Computer Education Program in India. 
  • Build a school in Senegal.


Our inspiration remains to be the children. By changing the life of one child, giving them opportunity and love, we change the life of generations to come. We need your help to make this vision possible. You can positively shape the future of the world by getting involved:



On behalf of the children we thank you for your support and look forward to another year filled with great possibility for our children. Mark your Calendar MAP Annual Fundraising Gala in Orange County is scheduled for June 20th and MAP Annual Fundraising Gala in San Francisco is scheduled for September 26th


Kind Regards,

MAP Board of Directors

Delfarib Fanaie, Nooshin Hakimi, Ladan Judge, Maryam Refahi, Maryam Winans




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"Changing the World, One Child at a Time"



Moms Against Poverty is a volunteer based non-profit organization dedicated to serving and supporting children living in poverty in the US and around the world. Our vision is to nurture and educate these children to their fullest potential so that one day they can contribute and lead within their own communities; thus breaking the cycle of poverty.  We carry out this mission by developing and renovating schools and orphanages, providing education, health care and basic needs to these children one community at a time.

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