Tax Allocation District Approved for Redevelopment of General Motors Site in Doraville
This Tuesday, December 15th, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the creation of a Tax Allocation District to provide funding for the redevelopment of the Former General Motors Site in Doraville. The Council for Quality Growth submitted a formal letter in support of the TAD creation to the Board of Commissioners prior to the vote on Tuesday explaining the necessity of incentives in order for redevelopment projects of this scale to be successful. The Council further explained how the GM site is an ideal candidate for the use of a tax allocation district given the lack of existing infrastructure, the size and scale of the site, and proximity to transit.

Atlanta-based Integral Group plans to develop a walkable, mixed use community, known as Assembly, with offices, residences and retail on the 165 acre site. The approved TAD will provide funding for the street grid and pedestrian infrastructure within the site as well as a safe connection to the Doraville MARTA station.

Click HERE to view the letter submitted by the Council to the Board of Commissioners

Council Supports Atlanta Region's Plan Transportation Improvement Funding 

As Council Members recall, the Council for Quality Growth, along with many of our partner organizations, successfully advocated in 2015 for the passage of House Bill 170, the Transportation Funding Act of 2015.  Thanks to the leadership of the Georgia General Assembly, the Lt. Governor and the Governor, the Metro Region has seen a $27 million dollar increase over the next twenty-four years, in projected and planned investment in transportation and infrastructure plans, according to the Atlanta Regional Commission's Region's Plan. The Council fully supports the draft plan and encourage all Council Members to submit their comments to the ARC.  As we continue to move forward in the Region with additional transportation and infrastructure funding, being considered at the state and local levels in 2016, it is imperative we support the long-term blueprint to advance the Region's future.
Highlights of the increased planned funding in the Atlanta Region's Plan include:
  • Construction of managed toll lanes (114 miles): $6.9 billion
  • Major roadway and intersection improvements: $9.8 billion
  • Potential transit expansion projects: $12 billion
  • Transit operations and maintenance: $30.7 billion
  • Road maintenance, operations and safety: $24.3 billion
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian facilities: $1.9 billion
  • Management of demand on the network (promoting carpooling, telecommuting and other commute alternatives): $0.5 billion
The 25 year long-range plan was developed around three major focus areas: Providing World Class Infrastructure, Building a Competitive Economy, and ensuring the development of Healthy, Livable Communities. Some of the action items discussed in the plan include improving transit options, fostering the application of technology, support the movement of freight and goods, protecting the region's water supply and quality, investing in access to a variety of housing options, developing a regional approach to workforce development and ensuring employment centers support innovation.

The Plan was released Monday, December 7th and will be open for public comment through January 15th. Public Comment can be submitted to or by phone at 404-463-3272. The ARC will host an open house with morning and afternoon sessions on Thursday, January 14th to discuss the plan goals and action items.

Click HERE to view summaries of the plan goals and action items on the interactive Region's Plan website 

Click HERE to view the plan documents

"MARTA expansion means a more economically competitive metro Atlanta and Georgia." Council Member, Richard Dugas Talks Transit in AJC 
Richard Dugas, President, Chairman and CEO of Pulte Group, was published in the AJC on Monday, December 14th, explaining the importance of transit expansion for attracting business and corporate relocations to the Atlanta Region. 

"In 2014, when PulteGroup was in the midst of a site selection for a new headquarters, we made it clear that access to transit would be a critical factor for our relocation. Now, we're firmly planted in Buckhead with convenient access to two MARTA rail stations.

Any CEO's performance is measured in part by the strength of his/her company's financial results; however, human capital drives the success of a company. The homebuilding business, like many businesses, is rapidly changing and it's important that our workforce mirrors our customer base. By making access to MARTA - and bicycle facilities - a priority, PulteGroup has become an even more attractive employer of choice for the next crop of managers and CEOs, the millennial generation."

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Forsyth County Board of Commissioners Postpones Impact Fee Increase 
The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners voted last night to postpone their decision on increasing the County impact fees until the Impact Fee Advisory Committee and Consultant have recalculated the fee amount to account for additional transportation funding dollars. The currently proposed Roads/Transportation Fee is significantly higher than any other municipality in the region at $7,288 for residential units and $9,392 per 1,000 sq. ft. of commercial. 

During the first public hearing on November 19th, James Touchton, Director of Policy and Government Affairs at the Council for Quality Growth addressed the Board of Commissioners to express concerns and request additional information about the proposed fees. Because the Fees were not calculated from an existing project list and transportation plan, the Council requested that the County DOT prepare an up-to-date transportation needs assessment that accounts for the $200 Million infrastructure bond and the recently announced $156 Million in matching funding from GDOT as well as how funding from House Bill 170 (State Transportation Funding Bill) will be used to construct prioritized transportation improvement projects. Until the need for this additional impact fee revenue is clearly identified, the Council cannot assess or support the proposed ordinance. After hearing from several council members, including Land Use Attorney, Doug Dillard, the Board of Commissioners moved to send the ordinance back to the Impact Fee Advisory Committee and asked staff to engage the consultant to recalculate the impact fee amounts given the additional funding sources brought to light.

As the new fee amount numbers are still being prepared and the Impact Fee Advisory Committee has not been able to meet and review a revised ordinance and fee schedule, the Board of Commissioners voted to postpone the hearing on the impact fee ordinance.The Council for Quality Growth will continue to work with the Board and Impact Fee Advisory Committee to ensure that an equitable, transparent impact fee ordinance is passed.

To view the letter submitted by the Council to the Board of Commissioners, click HERE

To view the Council's document listing major issues with the current proposal, click HERE.
To view the proposed ordinance, Click HERE
Office of Buildings Implementation Team Introduced to City of Atlanta Technical Advisory Committee
The City of Atlanta Office of Buildings Technical Advisory Committee held a special-called meeting on Thursday, December 17th, to introduce the team selected by the City to assist with the implementation of recommendations from the ongoing audit of the department conducted by consultant, BKD. Commissioner Tim Keane, announced that SAFEbuilt will be partnering with the City to staff the Implementation Team, which will include management personnel to assist with the process redesign as well as additional capacity and technical assistance to meet current plan review and inspection demands.

SAFEbuilt, a member of the Council for Quality Growth, has experience nationally and locally within our region integrating with municipal staff to build internal capacity and implement sustainable process improvements. The SAFEbuilt team will come on board in early January and hit the ground running with City leadership and staff to meet Commissioner Keane's deadline of May 1st, 2016 to have a recognizably new process and cultural framework in place. 
Forsyth County Board of Commissioners to Hold Public Hearing to Address Growth Concerns
On Thursday, January 7th, the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing regarding several items set forth in a Resolution of the board adopted earlier this week aimed at addressing growth issues in the county. The resolution includes a possible dissolution of the current County-wide Planning Commission and creation of five separate sub-area Planning Commissions in each of the districts. This would involve multiple public hearings as well as the delegation repealing local legislation creating the Planning Commission. The resolution also included the consideration of imposing zoning conditions that will stagger residential building permits on large residential projects with the intent to mitigate the impact on school system capacity.

The intent of the hearing on January 7th is for the Board of Commissioners to gain direction from residents and stakeholders regarding the items listed in the resolution. The Council for Quality Growth will be in attendance at the hearing and continues to work with the Commissioners to develop solutions and promote quality, balanced growth across Forsyth County.

To view the Resolution, adopted on Monday, December 14th, click HERE.

The Council Celebrates 30 years: Check out our Video!
On Friday, December 4th, the Council for Quality Growth celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Since our inception, we have provided a voice for regional leaders and provided a table where all interested parties could voice their concerns and ideas on how to make Georgia's communities vibrant, resilient, and sustainable. Governor Nathan Deal delivered the keynote address at our 30th annual luncheon at the Westin Perimeter North.  With over 200 people in attendance, the event was a great success. Click below to see the video presented on Friday's event:

December 18th, 2015

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